Monday, August 13, 2012

35th Wedding Anniversary | Lighthouse Park

Elly (in the purple below) contacted me almost a year ago to set a date for their family photos this summer and I'm so glad she did! Her mom and dad, Liz and Art, celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary this July and this is their gift to them. I love when kids do that for their parents!

I had never been to Lighthouse Park and I have to say that I LOVED it! Why did they choose this location? This is where Art proposed to Liz! It was a gorgeous evening and we spent time just laughing and reminiscing (I taught Elly) and getting to know each other. Congratulations on your anniversary and it was so great to get to know you all! I hope you had a wonderful picnic afterwards!


Lisa Seyfried said...

I love all the colors they are wearing. So complimentary! Beautiful work Louise.

H&D Van Tol said...

congratulations! what a beautiful family! and what a beautiful location for a family photo shot.