Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shawna & Scott | Kirkland House Wedding

I met with Shawna and Scott almost a year ago for their engagement session on Granville Island and this past year just flew by! Gary and I were excited to be part of their big day at the Kirkland House in Ladner. Outdoor ceremonies are so fun to photograph and the Kirkland House is a beautiful venue for it!

Shawna and Scott met at Douglas College where they first spent time together practicing how to tape up ankles...apparently Shawna did a better job. The only reason I say that is because they are a bit competitive with each other:)

I met up with the girls at the Coast Tsawwassen Inn while they got ready and waited for the school bus to take them to the ceremony. Did I mention that Shawna and Scott are both teachers?! Here are some pictures from their big day...enjoy!

{Often couples are unsure of how to incorporate their loved ones that are no longer here on Earth. In Scott's family, the butterfly reminds them of a loved one that had passed away. You can see the butterfly incorporated into their bouquets. Also, as Shawna and Scott walked down the aisle at the end of the ceremony, a butterfly flew alongside them!}

{After taking photos at the Kirkland House, we went to Deas Island for a few more. It was still super hot and sunny but we found a few shady spots!}

{And then it was off to the East Delta Hall for the reception!}

Congratulations Shawna and Scott!! All the best to you as you start a new school year and this new adventure as husband and wife!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Kevin & Marlo | Kits Beach Engagement Session

Meet Marlo and Kevin. I could tell from our emails that Marlo and I would get along as we both like our `:)' and `!!!!' 's when we write. Kevin proposed to Marlo at Kits Beach so it was the perfect location for their engagement session. It was super busy so we wandered to a quieter place and chatted about their big day. Marlo is big on details so I look forward to seeing how that is incorporated into their big day; yay for inspiration from etsy and pinterest!! Kevin was super helpful and innovative with photo ideas and locations as we had to work around many beachgoers and the bright sun.

Marlo and Kevin have been dating for 5 years and are going to be getting married in February. Just six months away now! Here are some photos for our session. Love the outfits. Love the smiles. Enjoy. I did:)

Marlo and Kevin, I had a great time getting to know you and we are looking forward to spending the day with you in February!!