Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tammy & Christopher | Fort Langley Wedding Photos

Tammy and Christopher had a lovely wedding day surrounded by a lot of family and some beautiful sunshine. We were just with them for a shortened portion of the day but still got to take part in most of the major festivities:)

I've actually known Tammy since she was really little as we attended the same church and she was in my younger sister's class. We didn't know each other well but it's always fun to have that connection. Tammy and Chris' adorable daughter, Sam, was a big part of the day and it was so fun for her to get all dressed up with her hair and make up done too! Enjoy.

I started out at the salon with the women as they were getting ready...
{Then, the bridal party went to South Abbotsford Church to continue getting ready. If I could do my wedding over again, I would definitely have a pair of shoes like brides these days. Somehow my white strappy sandals aren't all that exciting:)}
{The guys tried to take care of some last minute sewing as a button popped off of a suit. A little white thread and all was well...}

{Above you can see Tammy reading a card that Chris wrote for her. Love that touch! And seriously, how beautiful is Tammy below?}

{Some of my favourite pictures from the day come from receiving lines. Sounds strange, but usually the wedding party and families are so celebratory and smiles are in abundance.}
{We then went to Mill Lake for family photos and the pink blossoms were everywhere. I don't usually include family photos but here are some formal portraits.}

{After a quick stop at Tim Hortons, while it rained just a bit, we went to Fort Langley where the sun was out in full force!}

{We crossed over to Brae Island for a bit more greenery and I'm glad we did as the purplish pink blossoms at the end were my favourite!}

{Don't you love those blossoms?!}
{Gary stopped in mid reception for a few photos of the dancing and fun was had by all!}

Congratulations Tammy and Chris! I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon and all the best to you two, and your beautiful daughter Sam, as you continue on as husband and wife!


kelly ens said...

so beautiful! Love those blossoms; perfect time of year :)
are you saying she went to high school in MY grade??? I don't recognize her (or did you mean elementary school?)

Louise Chapman said...

Kelly-yes, love the blossoms! Not your grade, my middle sister's class (they didn't go to FVC).

Carol said... the blossoms - great photos as always!