Monday, April 16, 2012

Lynn Canyon Family Session

Lynn Canyon is a gorgeous location with all the greenery, water and rocks. I love it! Tiffany also loved it and suggested it as her location choice for their family photos. The priority was a good full family shot and I think we got more than enough of those!

Brooklyn did a fabulous job hiking to the spot and enjoyed the adventure across the bridge. Brennan was fascinated with everything around him and was so quick to smile. Here is a super adorable family....enjoy!

PS Thanks to Gary for coming along as I wasn't sure how a nearly 8 month pregnant woman (me!) would do scrambling over rocks:)

Tiffany and Colin, it was great to meet your family! I'm glad Brooklyn got to do a little fishing:)

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Carol said...

Great family photos. I really love the close up one of the little girl where she is looking up to the left - about half way through the photos that you posted.