Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Natalie, Logan & Hayden | Family Photo Sesion

I first photographed this family over a year ago and also did a session in November when their baby brother, Hayden, was born. This past weekend, we had another mini session to get some good family photos. I don't usually do mini sessions but being that they just needed an updated family photo, it was perfect! They have a wonderful yard for photos and the kids did so well. Oh, and the weather was supposed to be rainy but it wasn't. Phew! By the time Hayden was supposed to have his solo picture taken it was definitely nap time so we're going to try to get a few of him later this week:) Enjoy.

Great to see you all again! Natalie, thank you for all the hugs, and Logan, way to stay clean outside:)


Hester said...

Love the one where you are kissing and Nathalie is looking like: Mooohooom.....;) And the one with the three kids is cute! Heck, I like them all....again....:)

jules1green said...

Seriously great pics...well done! By my oh my, that little Logan? You better watch out..he's a looker:) That smile will get him far I bet :)