Sunday, January 1, 2012

Koen Turns Three

My baby is turning three tomorrow! Our little Koen (we call him Kokies) is such a source of love and joy in our lives. He makes us smile with his cuddles and hugs and he also makes us laugh with his mischievous antics and non stop talking. He has the cutest smile with those dimples of his and yet people have commented that he has a great sad face. You will see a few of his contemplative faces below:)

I am so thankful for his sweet singing voice, for his love of food (you sort of have to love food in this family!) and for his easy going nature. He loves to be anywhere with us and especially loves to be near his big brother, Kai.

We took a few photos of him this afternoon and he was such a good sport, even though it was cold. That's the hard part of having your birthday photos in January. When he was born 3 years ago, there was one of the biggest snowstorms ever and I'm just glad we made it to the hospital!

Koen, we love you so much! I hope my tickles will forever bring out those beautiful giggles and I hope you will always have a cuddly hug for your momma. You will be a wonderful big brother. Love you monkey.

Happy birthday to our big boy!
Love, Mommy, Daddy and Kai.


Anonymous said...

He looks so big and grown up! Happy birthday!

Kimberly said...

oh he is so sweet.

Lindsay said...

love the little leather jacket :) Happy Birthday, Koen!

kelly ens said...

SUPER cute!!! happy birthday to Koen!

Bethany said...

How cute is he? Great pictures!

Carol said...

What a cute little guy!

Jackie said...

A.) I love his leather jacket;
B.) I LOVE his contemplative looks!;
C.) He is just adorable! Inside and out!!! :) Happy birthday, Koen!!!!

Lauren Heinen said...

love the pics louise! he's soo adorable. and he looks SO grown up!