Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby Hannah | Newborn Session

Baby Hannah was born on Christmas Eve and I was there to help support my little sister Trish bring her into the world:) Born at 7lbs 7oz, she is the sweetest little girl! My boys were well over 9lbs so it's cute seeing what `little' ones look like! The sleeping pictures were ones that I took when she was 4 days old (oh, how I wish I had taken more then!) and then the ones where she is wide awake, and refused to sleep, were taken when she was 10 days old. Steve, my brother in law, was working (and maybe not the biggest fan of having his photo taken) so that is why he isn't in any of the photos:)

I love the ones of momma and babe. Enjoy!


kelly ens said...

SOOOO sweet!

Rachel said...

oh she's adorable! love the photo's :)

Lindsay said...

I like a spunky girl that doesn't cooperate ;)
She is SUPER cute!

Carol said...

Hannah is adorable! Great photos!