Thursday, December 27, 2012

Joshua Turns One | Fort Langley Family Session

This was one of my very last family sessions for 2012 and what a good one it was!  Joshua turned one over the Christmas holidays and although it was a little cold out, the rain held off and I was able to get some photos of this beautiful family.  I know a lot of people choose Fort Langley but you're guaranteed a variety of backdrops and covered areas in case of rain:)  Joshua was not a fan of looking my way so there was some singing, some key shaking and some balloon holding going on. Here are some pictures of a very cute little boy and his loving parents...
{Isn't his shirt so cute?  Oh, good old Etsy!!}
Happy birthday Joshua!  Silvy and Ryan, it was great to meet you two and I'm glad you were willing to risk the rain!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas

Seriously, thank you!  We love what we do and are so thankful for this business of ours.  Have a very Merry Christmas!

Lily Turns 3 | Studio Mini Session

I did Lily's 2 year old pictures last December and it's always fun seeing how BIG they get in just one year!  Here's Miss Lily, who is now three years old!  Happy birthday Lily!  Ka-chow:)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nya | Six Months Old

Eek! I had meant to do a proper 6 month post but I never got around to taking the photos I wanted to because we were all so sick.  However, Miss Nya is turning 7 months old on Saturday so I better post some of the ones I do have:) 

Nya is such a joy.  She is relaxed, easy going, quick to smile and she is very loved!!  Her brothers think she is the cutest thing and I tend to agree.  She now rolls over to sleep on her tummy and is almost sitting on her own.  She would much rather play with the tv remote than any of her toys. She loves being held and going for walks.  She does not love going to bed at night...  

Here are some pictures of my little babe at just 16 lbs and 27" long:)

My goal over the holidays is to have Gary take some photos of me with my little girl.  So often I am critical of how I look in photos (like many of you tell me about yourselves!), but I want my little girl to have photos showing her how much her momma loves her.
So thankful for this baby girl.  She has brought so much sunshine into our lives.  How is she 7 months old already?!

Ava, Wesley and Nico | Surrey Mini Session

Jenny contacted me about family photos and was brave enough to attempt it on a rainy weekend in December:)  We just did a mini session at their home as it was pretty wet and cold.  The kids did really well and loved running around in the mud.  Here are just a few....
Jenny and Mike, thank you for inviting me into your home!  You have three very beautiful kids!  Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

S Family | Clayton Park Mini Session

Okay, I am way behind on blogging as I'm trying to finish up my last sessions but here is the S family!  I have had the privilege of doing their photos for about three years now and after being rained out and having to deal with sicknesses, they finally had their mini session.  It was muddy and wet and one of the kids was covered in mud but we did it!  I've never done photos inside a tennis court but it worked:)  Here they are....
Merry Christmas to you, Steve and Stephani, and all to all of your cute kids!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Nya | 6 Month Studio Photo

My beautiful baby girl is 6 months old and she is such a joy.  We were pretty sick for a couple of weeks so Nya's 6 month photos are only half way done.  I'm hoping to be able to do a few more this afternoon or this week.  I just wanted to show you one of my cutie pie.  She's at the stage where everything goes in her mouth, so she just wanted to chew on the ribbon.  She is so sweet and so very loved....even at 1am and 4am:)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Cole, Paige & Claire | Fort Langley Mini Session

I love photographing families for the second (or third or fourth!!) time:) The last time I did their photos was two years ago and I was excited to have the chance to take their photos again.  We just had a mini session and although this past weekend was rainy and cold, we went for it anyways, and the rain pretty much held off.  Aren't they a beautiful family?  Super sweet kids too.  Enjoy!
Chris and Lynn, thank you for having me take your family photos again.  I hope you have a very Merry Christmas with that family of yours:)

Monday, December 3, 2012

David & Renee | Fleetwood Wedding Photos

Yay!  We were so excited to photograph these two on their big day. Great couple. Great weather. Great wedding party.  All around wonderful.  I've known Renee since she was in grade eight and I'm always VERY excited to photograph past students!   Renee was so calm in the morning and maybe it's because she was so super organized:)   Renee also had a ton of great ideas (thank you Pinterest!) which made for some fun wedding party photos.   David and the groomsmen enjoyed having their photos taken based on all of the ridiculous ones I have of them (only a few posted here, but don't worry, you have a ton on your disks!).   

Due to the fact that their wedding was in November, we had limited light to work with and so we stayed in one area (Fleetwood) and were able to get so many photos in AND stay relatively warm.  Renee's uncle and aunt had the perfect yard for photos.  It was also right next to a field AND they had an outdoor fireplace to stay warm AND they even provided food and drinks.  So great.  Thank you!

All right, here we go...Renee and David's big day...  
{The dutch shoe charm on the bouquet is `something old' from her mom's charm bracelet.  Talking about bouquets, Renee and her bridesmaid Elissa made them!}
{The guys had a few photos at Bear Creek Park before the ceremony...}

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kimber!!! So glad that you two had a great time on your honeymoon and all the best to you two in the years to come!  I love that you can master putting Ikea furniture together, it has got to be a sure sign that you can do anything:)  Love, Louise and Gary