Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sunflowers and an Old Truck | Chilliwack Family Photos

I love farms. Every time I do a session at one, it makes me want to own a small one. It's just so fun for kids and there's a perfect spot for photos everywhere you look. This session was fabulous as it had so many things I love; kids, sunflowers, swings, an old truck (1956 Mercury), sun, and a happy family:) Oh ya, and a lot of raspberries. Yum! It took place out in Chilliwack, right after the previous session I posted. I'm a fan of Chilliwack, besides, it's where Gary spent the majority of his growing up years!

It was so nice to meet you all and I'm so glad that our back up date worked so perfectly! What a gift family is, I love seeing people celebrate it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Finn, Coby and Asher | Chilliwack Family Session

Gary and I have known Mike and Haley for about 10 years. Mike, Gary and I all started teaching at the same time, in the same school, back in 2001. That's where I actually met Gary, and eventually, Mike and Gary were even roommates. Mike was the MC at our wedding too (Thanks, Mike!):) Anyway, Mike and Haley live in Chilliwack so we actually don't see them very often but I'm glad I had the chance to so that I could meet their newest little guy; 7 week old Asher. These kiddos love their kisses (I need to work on that with my kids!) and they love to run around (which kids don't?). Here are some photos from our time together. And yes, I know I included 3 pictures of Asher's feet. I just think baby feet are too cute.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lisa & Richard | Abbotsford Wedding Photos

Lisa and Richard were our last summer wedding, and boy, was it warm! Lisa and Richard actually met on facebook and he won her over with his poem writing:) I met the girls (Lisa, her bridesmaids, and Richard's two daughters) at the salon in the morning and followed them to the house getting ready. Richard and Lisa had their `first look' before the ceremony and it was at Aldergrove Lake Regional Park. We were all expecting Richard to cry and I think there was a tear or two:) After the photos, we went to the ceremony and reception at St. Dunstan's, which had some gorgeous natural light. Enjoy!

Congratulations Lisa and Richard! All the best to you two, and Lisa, I hope the poem writing continues:)