Sunday, May 29, 2011

Three Sisters | Crescent Beach Family Session

This lovely family came down from Vernon for a weekend. On their itinerary? Photo session! I was happy to see them again as I knew Eric and Carmen back before their daughters were born. I was around when Annika was born, but after that, they moved to Vernon. We were part of the same care group at church and it's so awesome to see them with their three beautiful girls now.

Crescent Beach is a place that Eric and Carmen used to love to go to so it was the perfect spot for a session. We met in the morning and boy, it was super bright already! They had just arrived the night before so everyone was a bit tired but you could barely tell. The girls were just happy to be at the ocean. Enjoy:)

{I love these family photos.}

{Like I said, super bright morning, but I do like this back lit photo. By the way, to any photographers out there, if you want your subjects faces to be lit properly while shooting into the bright sun, overexpose it a stop. It does blow out the background a bit but they look nice:)}

{Hey Eric, do you remember that at his point I unfolded my diffuser and it hit me in the nose? And you laughed? Thanks:) Now I know to be a little more careful, could be embarrassing!}
{A little outfit change and the girls were good to go! I always recommend an outfit change...allows for a diversity of looks and a variety of photos.}

{Love the shot of the three girls below. Yes, hair in Chloe's face, but you know what, that's life!}

{The picture below makes me smile, so much love:)}

{Eric and Carmen, it was so great to catch up with you. I'm so glad you had a safe trip and that the weather behaved! Taking photos of your girls was a great way to get to know them, and, I think they're pretty great:) Have a wonderful summer exploring with them!}

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Deanna & Michael | Shaughnessy Wedding

Gorgeous, gorgeous wedding. We met Deanna and Michael a while back but being that they are from out of town, we never had an engagement session with them. Seeing how photogenic they are, an engagement session would've been awesome! These two met back in high school and had a similar dating history to Gary and I. You know, the whole dating and breaking up until getting it right:)

The weather in the Lower Mainland has been all over the place. While driving to the ceremony there was hail and there was also rain throughout the day. However, when it mattered, the weather behaved! It was perfectly overcast. Enjoy the photos of this beautiful couple!
{I started out at Deanna's parents place where the girls were all getting ready. I think half of them were still recovering from their Las Vegas stagette the weekend before:) Deanna, you looked so beautiful!! Check out the gorgeous bouquets too...}
{The ceremony and reception were at Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club. Such a beautiful outdoor location! I love these ceremony pictures, the weather might have been cold but it was perfect for the photos.}

{Michael got a little emotional as they were reading their vows to each other. It was very moving and I love when people share from their heart.}
{Look how happy Deanna is, below, during the `I Do's'!}

{Husband and wife!!! After the ceremony we had just over an hour to take photos around the golf course. Some of the formal photos were actually taken before the ceremony, just the bride and groom separately with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, at their homes.}

{Usually I can pick a favourite photo from a wedding, but in their case, I just can't! There are just too many that I love:)}

{And then, on to the reception at the same location!}

{Congratulations Deanna and Michael! Thank you for having us be part of your day. We loved getting to know you and also the gorgeous location you used. Glad you had an awesome honeymoon and all the best to you two as you journey onwards together!}

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pat & Roland | Couple Session

Last weekend, Pat and Roland had photo session at their home. I love when couples take time to celebrate themselves, in fact, Gary and I have booked a session to have photos of just the two of us for our 6 year anniversary. Also, I would encourage people to always choose outdoor locations that are of special significance to them. Not only will looking at the people in the photos evoke emotions, but the location as well. It helps that they have such a fabulous yard!

I have known Pat and Roland my whole life as I went to school and church with their kids. As you can see, they enjoy each other's company immensely and spend a lot of time laughing together. Enjoy.
{We just spent time walking around their yard and taking photos at special places around it.}

{At the end, Pat got out their coffee cups. They enjoy a cup (or two) of coffee every day together on the deck. They even have their own coloured mugs:) Pat and Roland, thank you for having me capture the two of you together, I enjoyed it and I hope you did too!}

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ashley & Kevin | Maternity Session

I love baby bellies. A lot. Some people ask why you would ever want to have maternity photos done and I think there are so many reasons. It captures a special time in your life while you are awaiting the arrival of a little one. Awaiting someone that will change your lives more than you ever imagined. It captures that anticipation, excitement, love and joy. Also, for me, it just showed me how big my belly really was:) The human body is amazing.

This sweet couple came for a maternity session when Ashley was about 35 weeks pregnant. How did they meet, you ask? Well, they were neighbours. Ashley's dog kept going to Kevin's house and that is how they got to know each other. They've been together for 5 years now. I love that although a maternity session might not have been Kevin's idea of a fun time, he had such a great attitude and was just really involved. You can tell how much he loves Ashley by their sweet interactions. Enjoy.

{Baby girl on the way!}

{My absolute favourite maternity shots are always the black and white's with the black background. While other photos may say `Fun!' or `Cute!', these ones just say, `Beautiful'. }

{Congratulations Ashley and Kevin. It was a joy getting to know you and to capture you two together. I hope that you enjoy the next month or so, as you await your precious daughter. So exciting!}