Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby Cole | Newborn Session

I first met Cole when he was about two minutes old and you can see the first hour of his life here. These newborn photos were taken when he was just 6 days old. I went to Joel and Ali's home and we got some photos of them just loving their newest addition. Although we have a studio, I do love the natural feeling of a family just being themselves in their home. One room with some great natural light and we're good to go! Big brother Caden decided that he wasn't really into the whole photo thing but we did get him for a few:) Some people like newborn photos with more hats/props and others like a more `family feel' and these guys were going for the family feel:) Enjoy!

{I love the one of Joel and Cole above:)}

{Maybe a silly one to end on but I love a newborn yawn:) Cole, welcome. You are loved by so many already. Me included. Looking forward to seeing what kind of mischief you and Cades are going to get into:) Joel and Ali, congratulations on another beautiful baby boy!}

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Charlie's Cake Smash | First Birthday

Sweet little Charolotte is turning one this week and she is such a doll! This weekend, she came to the studio for a mini cake smash session. A cake smash is where the birthday girl/boy is presented with their first, and very own, giant cupcake or cake. It allows you to take some time and creativity to capture the moment that usually happens at their first birthday. It's always interesting watching what they will do...dive in? Run away? Charlotte tentatively ate the icing and was most interested in the number 1 candle:) Enjoy some photos of this beautiful big girl!

{I love the photo below, `Hmmm....what should I do here? '}
{She actually had an interesting technique as she enjoyed putting her foot in it, and more than once!}

{Happy 1st Birthday Charlotte! You are a sweet little girl and I look forward to seeing you grow up over the years!}

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Alex & Alison | Engagement Photos

I met up with Alex and Alison at Burnaby Mountain Park. I never even knew it existed and was pleasantly surprised! We had tried to plan it with the cherry blossoms but when we got there, we realized that the trees up there are about a week behind and not quite blooming. However, there were a ton of great spots up there and I loved the variety! Daffodils, moss, rocks, forest, fields...awesome.

Alex and Alison are also two former students of mine:) I love these two (I seriously just love all my old students) and I'm so excited for them. They have known each other since they were in elementary school but didn't start dating until after high school. They are getting married in 2012 and we're already looking forward to it! Alison knew the types of photos she wanted and Alex was up for anything. I totally encourage couples to have an outfit change half way, it just adds so much more variety to the session. They chose some great ones!

Okay, on to the engagement session....

{Aren't they sweet? And, they do have a silly side too. At first Alison said she would do something like this if I didn't post it, but when I told her how cute they looked, she said it was okay:) I totally encourage couples to just be themselves so here you are....}
{I love the open forest above, I think I may have to go back there sometime:) Can you tell I just love new locations? The picture below might be my favourite. Alison's slight smile, Alex's looking pretty happy...}

{I'll include one set in black and white because I really do love some B+W's!}
{Alex and Alison, so great to spend some time with you two again! Thank you for introducing me to a new location and all the best to you two as you plan your wedding over the next year:) }

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cole Evan Franklin | Birth Photos

Wow, what a sequence of events! Friday night I got an email from my good friend Ali saying that it felt like she would be pregnant forever. Saturday morning, 4:38 am, there was a phone call from Joel saying Ali was 4-5cm dilated! I packed my camera bag and went back to bed, assuming it would be a whole lot longer before I got the next phone call. I usually ask for a second phone call around 8cm so that I can make it to the hospital with time to spare. Well, 5:35am came around and Ali's nurse and friend, Kirsten, called and said, `You better come now! She's pushing!'. I was out of the house within one minute. This isn't about me, but I would never go out in public the way that I was looking:) I made it there in about 10 minutes. As I approached the room, a nurse came out and said that the baby had just be born. I was sad to have missed the first 2 minutes as those are my favourite, but, I was so happy that baby Cole was here! This is the first thing I saw....
{Cole was 8lbs 7oz, a whole pound less than his big brother Caden. Ali was sort of in shock that everything went so quickly and so was I! Last time she had pushed for about 2 hours so this was definitely a whole lot different. Her whole labour was less than 5 hours. Cole just laid on momma's chest while Ali and Joel called all their family members. What fun phone calls to make as no one even knew she had been in labour.}
{Ali then breastfed Cole for about 20 minutes and it went perfectly! Those pictures will be left off of here, but lots of great photos of momma and babe.}

{The doctor, who I actually beat to the hospital, then checked Cole over. Yes, the doctor didn't even make it in time. Cole was delivered by the nurses!}

{Then daddy Joel had some one on one time with Cole. Cole's first middle name, `Evan', is also Joel's middle name. His second middle name, `Franklin', is after Joel's dad. Frank passed away several years ago and shares the same birthday with Cole. Pretty special.}

{Cole kept sticking out his tongue, it was pretty cute:) Then, the grandparents arrived! I loved seeing their faces when they meet their newest grandson.}

{Great job Ali and Joel! I'm looking forward to seeing Caden as a big brother and also seeing the two of you as parents of two wonderful boys. Having two boys is pretty awesome, I'm definitely a fan. And Ali, just like last time, so proud of you! Little Cole, I'm looking forward to getting to know you over the years to come.}

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Koda | Dog Portraits

Whenever one of my sisters has a new addition to their family, I take pictures. I have 4 sisters so they have, and will continue to, keep me busy:) My littlest sister and her husband recently brought Koda into their home. Koda is a beautiful 3 month old Swiss Mountain Dog. How could I not take some photos of him, he's gorgeous!

He's so beautiful. Makes me almost want one:)

This weekend I also had the opportunity to take photos of a beautiful newborn boy. I missed his birth by 2 minutes because he came so quickly and surprised everyone! He is gorgeous and that will be my next post...likely tomorrow night.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Margriet & Jon | Engagement Session

I'm so glad that we were able to move Margriet and Jon's session up by one day as the weather was perfect for an engagement session! These two went to high school together and I actually taught them both in grade nine:) This is the fourth couple we've photographed where I have taught both the bride and groom...crazy hey? This school has great success at matchmaking and I should know, it's where Gary and I met (as teachers, not students:)).

For the engagement session, we went to Stanley Park and just drove around the park, stopping at 5 or 6 different places. I loved it! I really enjoy showing up to a location and trying to figure out where a great spot for a photo might be. These two were super easy going and I think they smiled the entire time we were together. Jon said it was hard not to smile when he's around Margriet. Way too sweet.
{Jon and Margriet started dating way back in grade 12. Margriet first told Jon that she really liked him on her birthday, while they were celebrating with friends at the park. Jon proposed 5 years later at that same park. You can tell that they just know each other so well and are so supportive of one another. I also kinda love that they have both have Biology/Chemistry degrees as that is a passion of mine too (okay, the Biology, not so much the Chemistry). I can still picture Margriet singing a song about blood types back in grade 9:) (It could've been a song on digestion but I'm thinking it was blood types, regardless, great voice and already such a love for science!)}
{Can you tell how happy these two are together? How sweet they are? How at ease they are together? So great.}
{I don't think I have to worry about asking Jon to smile during his wedding photos, check out the grin on his face! Non stop. Love it!}
{I had mentioned that it might be a good idea to take different layers/outfits and Margriet did a great job with that. You'll notice a few different outfits going on and I totally recommend it. As a tip, just wear a tank top underneath and it just takes seconds to change from one look to the next. Jon, you did a good job too:) Gorgeous tree below...}

{Jon wanted some pictures under the bridge which would've been awesome but somehow we managed to end up at Prospect Point which worked well too. Then, it was off to find some cherry blossom trees as they're perfectly in bloom right now!}
{I love these ones around the cherry blossom soft and romantic.}
{We went on the roof of one of the tallest building in the west end, possibly the tallest, and got a few shots there. Amazing view.}
{And just a couple more cute ones below...I love this spot and might need to go back to get more photos there. The stairs there are pretty awesome too:). Margriet and Jon had considered Stanley Park for wedding photos but it would've been tough with traffic and timing, so, it worked out really well as an engagement session location.}

Margriet and Jon, so great to photograph you guys as an engaged couple. I had a great time with you two and Gary and I look forward to your wedding in August!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Riley | Port Moody Family Session

I love this family. I met Tessa on my very first day of orientation at UBC and knew immediately that I had to be friends with her. She was so funny and outgoing, and of all places on campus, we were going to be living on the same floor! That was 14 years ago and I can picture it like it was yesterday.

In our first few years at UBC, we worked out and ran together, played on the same soccer and football teams, and may have spent more than a few late nights out having know, studying. Tessa also tutored me a time or two as she is brilliant. We met Simon at the same time as he was on our brother floor. I was there, years later, when they first started dating. And, a few years after that when they got married. These two are just so meant to be together and are a fabulous team. Tessa and I have kept in touch via email over the years, but more recently, they have moved back to the Lower Mainland which means we can actually see each other. Although we don't get together enough, I love the time that we do spend together. Riley, their super gorgeous son, recently turned one. I was more than happy to take photos of these guys together.
{We met up at White Pine Beach in Port Moody. I love Port Moody. It's a place that they visit frequently, especially in the summer to go for a swim. I think I'll need to take my boys there! I got the feeling they didn't think they would be so good at the`photo thing' but they did so well. Simon had just run a half marathon about an hour before and he was such a good sport as Tessa led us from one of the park to the other (okay, not that bad).}
{I don't know if it's because I know them, but don't these pictures just make you happy looking at them? They are such good parents and Riley is so loved. I love that they are so adventurous and take Riley biking, hiking, snowshoeing etc. No stopping them!}
{I know there are a lot of portrait/vertical pictures in here, hence cramming them all in. Hopefully it isn't overwhelming. Below, we actually got their dog, Tenge, in the photo. Tenge does not sit still so I was excited to see him sit for a minute and get in a shot or two:)}

{Tessa, Simon and Riley, so good to hang out with you guys. You make me smile and laugh and just feel happy. Next time you go to Sasamat Lake, let me know and I'll take the boys! }

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The O Family | Family Session

On Saturday, I had a mini session with this super nice family. I actually grew up with Karen, in the same church and school, but we hadn't seen each in years. It was great to reconnect and to meet her little family. The kids were such good sports in the cold windy weather and they all wanted their photos taken. Lucas particularly loved coming up with different poses:)

{Danica, three, was such a sweetie! She just smiled, and smiled and smiled!}
{Lucas seemed to really enjoy having his picture taken and it only took a few seconds to get a smile out of him:) Cassidy is apparently a little shy but I didn't notice that at all. Love all of their eyes! Did you notice the girls cute dresses? Maybe because I'm the momma of two boys, I really notice those things. Adorable.}

{And ending with a great family photo! Karen, it was so great to meet Ed and the kiddos. I hope you can see that you did get at least one good photo out of the session:)}

** To anyone interested in a mini session (30 min), I will likely be having a mini session day in either May or August so stay tuned! If this is something you would be interested in, please email me and that will help me decide on which month to do it:)**