Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Jacob | Newborn Session

I think this was just my second time doing a maternity, birth/hospital, and newborn session for one family. It has been so much fun and something I would love to do more of! I loved getting to know this family and have a feeling that we'll be having a few play dates in the future! Baby Jacob is such a sweet baby and loved just laying on his tummy. He needed a couple breaks for some milk as he's such a big eater, he was trying to eat his hands the whole time:) Big brother Ben was more into the train table in the next room, rather than photos, but we got a few of him. Enjoy.

{I love Jacob's reddish hair and I have to say that he looks so much like his daddy!}

{Most of the time, his eyes were closed or he did the one eye peek that so many newborns do. I like the shot below with both of his beautiful eyes open. Isn't he gorgeous?!}
{Anita is looking so incredible and although a C-section is no fun (I know), she is recovering well. I can't believe he's a week old already!}
{I would like to call the picture below, on the right, `Peace':)}
{So I wasn't able to get super fantastic photos of the boys together, but here's just a couple of them sitting together.}

{Ending with the one eye peek:) I love that you can see the little sucking blister that newborns get on their upper lip, I just think it's so cute. Okay, everything about a newborn is just so adorable. Congratulations again! Thank you for having me capture the addition of this gorgeous little boy in such a variety of ways. It was wonderful meeting you all!}

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Five Sisters | Family Session

This session was great for so many reasons.
1. It was at a totally new location for me! Queen Elizabeth Park is so gorgeous and I can't wait to do a session there again someday.
2. The family has five sisters, no brothers, just like me! I'm the oldest of five girls.
3. I have taught four of the five sisters and they are all wonderful.
4. This session was a gift from the kids, to the parents. Such a great gift!
5. Throw in some cute kids, some loving grandparents and an easy going brother in law, and you've got a great morning!
Here we go...
{It was actually Ian's first birthday on Sunday. I am terrified of singing in public but the one thing that made him smile and look at me was when I sang `Happy Birthday'. Thankfully the family joined in with me as we may have sung it a time or two!}
{The reason for choosing Queen Elizabeth Park is that mom and dad had their wedding photos done there 29 years ago and it is the place where the family has spent a lot of time together.}
{The two boys sure have a whole lotta love from their aunties! Check out the cute matching necklaces that mom and dad gave the girls.}

{Daddy and the boys. The little guys did so well considering it was pretty chilly!}
{A few of mom and dad together. I love the one on the bottom with the light coming through.}
{In keeping with family tradition, they wanted a picture with the statues up there:)}

{We should have done more by this sculpture but the boys were quite done by this point. I love the texture of it and the fun shot of dad peeking through.}
{And, just because it was sunny, a few shots with the light. It was so good to see the sun again and just let a little light play into the pictures!}

{It was great seeing you all again and thank you for introducing me to Queen Elizabeth Park. I can see why you go there so much as a family. Happy 1st Birthday Ian!!}

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Jacob | A Special Valentine's Gift

Remember this beautiful belly? Who knew that there was a 10lb 4oz baby in there?! Not these two parents:) I had mentioned after our maternity session how much Anita and I had in common, and now, a similar birth experience with big babies:) After labour starting so well at home and progressing at the hospital, she ended up with a C-section just before midnight on Valentine's Day. Baby and momma are doing well and are now home. Although I was prepared to be there at the birth, it ended up working out that I came the following morning and captured photos of big brother Ben meeting Jacob for the first time. It also included the proud grandparents meeting their newest grandson. Congratulations on the arrival of your gorgeously chubby baby boy!!!
{I got there right after his bath and just before big brother Ben was going to come in. Because baby Jacob had low blood sugar levels (just like my two boys!), he was both breastfeeding and being fed formula. Everyone got a chance to feed baby Jacob, even Ben did!}
{This family is all about the `smooshes'...I'd say that in almost every other picture, someone was kissing somebody:) So cute. Below is Ben just playing in the kid's waiting room before meeting his brother.}
{Ben came in excitedly with a present for Jacob. He waved hello and gave him a smoosh. Baby Jacob was given a Zebra and in turn, baby Jacob gave Ben a great new car!}
{The grandparents, who had eagerly been waiting to meet Jacob, came in and each had a chance to spend some time with him.}
{I love the scrunched up crying face while grandpa held him. It only lasted a second but looks so cute.}

{Ben helping grandpa feed Jacob. At one point Ben said,` Jacob out!' (meaning Jacob was out of mommy's belly). He was so gentle and such a great little helper already!}
{I love Jacob's huge pudgy hands...he had them clasped together most of the time. I love babies!}

{Congratulations to you all on the arrival of Jacob! Having two boys is so much fun and now there is another one to give and receive smooshes in that gorgeous family of yours:)}

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Giveaway!

We just want to say thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement and therefore, we are having a Valentine's Giveaway!


1. It is for a mini session (30 minutes) and includes a disk of all of your edited images.
2. The session takes place in our studio or in your home (it's supposed to rain for the next two weeks). I am willing to travel from Burnaby to Abbotsford.
3. Session takes place in February 2011. I know, so soon, but then things get a bit busy again:)
4. Session is for a child 0-12 years of age.
5. Contest goes until Sunday, February 13th, at 1pm. I will then choose a random entrant.
6. Only enter once!
7. Just go to our facebook page and comment below the promo on who you would want the session to be for.

{If for some reason you are not on facebook (like my husband), you can enter a comment here and I will just number you after the facebook comments.}

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

GC Photography

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Owen, Lucy & Beth | Family Photos

I have only had three sessions in Port Moody and I have loved every single one. Do you remember the last one on the Shoreline Trail? Maybe it's because I love the ocean, or maybe it's just because the families have been wonderful, or maybe it's just because it's fun to find a new location. Regardless, this session was along another part of the Shoreline Trail and I loved it! I enjoy this kind of session because this is a walk that they do as a family quite regularly, so it's just capturing their every day life. Enjoy!
{Beth, just 18 months old, did not want to be contained which is so common at this age (I have a two year old!). So basically, we followed Beth around and worked around her a bit:) Owen and Lucy, both aged 8, did such a fabulous job as big brother and sister.}

{We then went to the Old Mill Site which was pretty cool. Old bricks and the feel of an old castle. The kids loved exploring here!}

{Both Owen and Lucy would find a spot they thought was interesting, then they'd pose and wait for me to take their picture. I'm glad they were so into it!}
{A few of just mom and dad....}
{Then it was off to the Old Orchard Site. Ashleen and Jeremy (mom and dad) were commenting about how gorgeous this area is once all of the blossoms come out. It looked like the blossoms were about a month away from blooming, so if you're in the area, check out the Shoreline Trail in March!}
{The winding path above, leading to the orchard, is gorgeous!}
{A few more of mom and dad and then, off to the beach again. How sweet are these two together?!}

{Thank you so much for showing me another part of Port Moody, I had a great time! I look forward to going back there one day when the blossoms are all out on the trees. To the kids, you were all fabulous and had some great ideas:)}

Friday, February 4, 2011

Justin & Alicia | Wedding Day

Justin and Alicia were our one January wedding and it was a gooder! The weather was awesome and the wedding party had me laughing a lot. We were able to take photos at a couple of different locations which always adds a little variety to the mix. Can't say I've ever taken photos with semi trucks and tractors before! Enjoy the photos as you get a taste of their day.

{The girls were getting ready at her parents house and her makeup artist was actually her maid of honour, Shannon. The girls were super relaxed and were all ready ahead of schedule.}

{Her other bridesmaid, Erica, is actually engaged to one of the groomsmen and we will be capturing their big day in May. The girls had to get a bit crafty with their dresses, which included a sharpie marker to the rescue. It was great that their dresses were long so they could wear comfy leggings/socks as it was a little chilly out! Isn't Alicia looking beautiful?!}
{The wedding was at Immanuel CRC and it was a beautiful ceremony which included singing by each of their cousins.}

{Perfect song for this shot!}
{After the receiving line we went to the Langley Golf Centre where they had their family photos done. While we were waiting for all of the family to arrive, we got a few photos of the couple on the bridge there. One thing we learned quickly was that these two definitely did not have a problem kissing during the photos or really any time throughout the day:)}
{We then went to Justin's work to take some photos amongst the machinery. There was also some hanging out with eating and drinking to relax a bit and refuel for the rest of the day. Did you notice the guys up on the bucket of the tractor? Apparently since they are from Smithers, this is not big deal...Justin hopped up there no problem at all.}

{We then went to the south entrance of Campbell Valley Park for the remainder of their photos.}

{I just like the picture below because it just shows groomsmen Corey and his inability to get the umbrella to work:)}
{And then a bunch of shots by the red and brown barns which they actually used in their engagement session as well.}

{Around this time is where I laughed the most. The two guys tried lifting Justin above their heads and Justin pretty much ended up sitting on top of Corey's head. It's a terribly awkward photo so I won't post it, but it's definitely in the edited photos for them:)}

{I really like the photo below, I think it's so cute.}

{A friend of theirs made the `Just Married' sign with all of the brake lights on it. It was just attached to the trailer hitch and was a totally unique idea!}
{I love the mossy covered fence. We usually take about 2 hours for family/wedding party/couple photos and at the end of it Justin said he could've kept going, however, it was getting dark and I think everyone was pretty cold. The girls were so tough and had great attitudes even though it was a little chilly. Then, it was back to the Langley Golf Centre for the reception.}
{They had an area set up with props so Gary took a few photobooth type photos throughout the reception. Here are a few....}
{There were numerous skits and songs about Justin with his long hair and lack of desire to ever get married until he met Alicia:)}

{Congratulations Justin and Alicia! We had a great time spending the day with you two and we wish you all the best as you continue on in life as husband and wife!}