Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thank You!

To all of our wonderful supporters, fans and clients, thank you! Seriously, thank you. We are so blessed to have this business we love and for me, Louise, to be able to stay at home and be with our boys.

We had a great year and are really looking forward to 2012 on a business and personal level. We are rejuvenated and excited to get back at it. We look forward to continuing to grow and learn and look forward to seeing what photographs we will take this year:)

The last few months personally have been quite full and fun. I have four sisters and all five of us were pregnant at the same time!
(I'm second from the left)
We celebrated Christmas with our two beautiful boys. The youngest, Koen, will be three years old on January 2nd! How did that happen so quickly?!
I was able to support my youngest sister in the birth of her first child, Hannah, on Dec. 24th. It was beautiful.
Here is baby Hannah at 4 days old. I'm looking forward to taking more photos of her this week:) And also, I'm excited to meet my 3 other nieces or nephews throughout 2012!
And finally, as we look ahead this year, we are so excited about our own little baby on the way. Baby Chapman is due May 28th (our anniversary!) and we are so thankful for this little (likely to be big) bundle.

Thank you for your encouragement and kind words, it means so much to me (and us!). I hope you had a wonderful 2011 and all the best to you in 2012.
Louise and Gary
Team GC Photography:)


Carol said...

Happy New Year, Louise. I know I will continue to enjoy your blog.

Lindsay said...

woohoo! what an exciting year you have ahead! can't wait to see the fabulous pictures you will take in 2012 :)

Angie said...

Sounds like you've had such a great year. Congratulations on the baby!! Excited to have you be a part of our exciting 2012, Louise.

Brenda said...

Wow...congrats on your upcoming addition! That's so exciting!