Friday, December 9, 2011

Renee & David | Engagement Session

I had such a good time on this engagement session. Mostly because it was a great time to catch up with Renee and get to know her fiance, David (who is also a photographer!). I taught Renee back when she was in grade 8 and this group was a special one to me as I've known them the longest and they were so welcoming to me as I came in halfway through the year. That year was also when Gary and I got married:)

David and Renee have been dating for 4 years and the proposal was totally unexpected (which I love!). These two enjoy playing crib together and so at the end of a long day, they had dinner and then David suggested playing a game of crib. David dealt the cards and went to the cupboard to get a `drink' (the ring!). Renee may have seen the ring before she saw the hand she was dealt so David told her to look at her cards...
{I love the originality of that proposal! It sounds like Renee was pretty shocked:)}

{After an outfit change, we walked over the bridge to Brae Island. I know now that I don't have to worry about Renee complaining that it's too cold on her wedding day, she is a tough girl.}

Renee and David, it was so great to spend time with you as a couple. You two are so comfortable with each other and I can see that you work well as a team. I have a feeling that all this wedding planning is going to be just fine as you are super organized:) Looking forward to your fall wedding in 2012!


kelly ens said...

I'm impressed with the proposal and her outfit choice for the temperature it was. indeed, she must be tough! great pictures :)

Renee Gerber said...

Horray! Thank you so much, we love the photos/post!!!

<3 Renee & David

Ali said...

Congratulations Renee!!! You guys look so cute together!

Carol said...

Great photos and Renee will certainly be a beautiful bride - love her smile!