Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Drew at Jericho Beach | Family Session

This was a beautiful fall day session. Jericho Beach is gorgeous year round, but during the fall? Wow! David is actually Gary's cousin so I was excited to have this opportunity to get to know their family better, and especially spend some time with Drew. Although we only live about an hour apart, we rarely see each other. I won't say the last time I saw them before the session:)

Drew is an independent little fellow who is 20 months old. He just wanted to wander around, be thrown in the air, snuggle with grandpa (so great to have the grandparents along to help!), run to the water, and look at the boats. I love that I was able to capture some of his signing in the photos, it adds a whole other dimension to see the words in the photos, if that makes sense. Enjoy some cute family time with David, Karla and Drew in a mini session. Oh, and a guest appearance from grandpa.

{Below they are signing `cold' because Drew wanted to go run into the ocean:)}
{There was a bug on David's shirt so Drew is signing `bug'.}

David and Karla, I'm so glad it worked out to meet up and capture your family in photos. Drew is beautiful and like a lot of almost two year old boys, quite a workout:) I really enjoyed spending time with you all.


kelly ens said...

SO cute! Fantastic location :)

Lindsay said...

what a cutie! those cheeks!

Carol said...

Sweet little fellow and sweet photos!

David & Karla & Drew said...

Thank you so much, Louise!
We had such a great time and the pics turned out even better than we could have hoped (who knew Drew was such a little model!)