Friday, November 4, 2011

Claire Bear Turns One | Family Session

What a pleasure it was to photograph this Little Bear! Claire was turning one the next day and we had a mini session to commemorate it. We met up at Tynehead Park which is a place that Dave and Estelle love to go walking at. Even though it was 4pm (which is not usually the best time for little ones), and a little chilly, Claire was super happy.

This session makes me smile, as you can just see how smitten mom and dad are with her. Also, you can see her joyful nature throughout. I hope it makes you smile too.

{The bear below was actually Dave's when he was little. So sweet!!}
{I think the one below was taken right before we momentarily lost the balloon. Good thing Dave can jump!}
{The doll above was Estelle's when she was little. And below, so very, very sweet.}

Happy first birthday Claire Bear!


kelly ens said...

what a CUTIE!!!! i love that they brought props from when they were kids :)

Carol said...

So many great photos!

Sara & Jamie said...

Love these!! Such a gorgeous fam :)

Bethany said...

Great photos! Estelle has a very cute little girl!

Megan said...

So fabulous, Louise...this warms my heart! I love these photos and the people in them:)