Thursday, October 20, 2011

35 Years | Family Photos at Kanaka Creek

I love this family. They are just so happy together and so supportive of one another. Leah (the older daughter) and I started working together about 10 years ago and I actually taught Lauren, her younger sister. Leah and I have also played football together for almost 7 years now and usually have weekly get togethers to watch some quality television or something like that:) In regards to football, you will see below that a love for football definitely runs in the family!

Joanie and Gerry celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary this summer and so the girls gave them the gift of family photos. Usually in a session, the kids that are bribed with ice cream, but in this case, Gerry was promised that he could play some football once we did all the `nice' pictures first. I hope you can tell that there is a lot of laughter and love in this family. Enjoy.

Hey team, I had a good time hanging out with you all. Thank you for introducing me to Kanaka Creek, such a beautiful location. Happy anniversary!


Carol said...

What a fun looking photo shoot! I like the colourful football jerseys and particularly like the "huddle" photo!

Anonymous said...

They look awesome Louise. Thanks for making it so easy and letting us be a little crazy :)

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures Louise! Thank you for making this photo shoot so fun and easy!