Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sunflowers and an Old Truck | Chilliwack Family Photos

I love farms. Every time I do a session at one, it makes me want to own a small one. It's just so fun for kids and there's a perfect spot for photos everywhere you look. This session was fabulous as it had so many things I love; kids, sunflowers, swings, an old truck (1956 Mercury), sun, and a happy family:) Oh ya, and a lot of raspberries. Yum! It took place out in Chilliwack, right after the previous session I posted. I'm a fan of Chilliwack, besides, it's where Gary spent the majority of his growing up years!

It was so nice to meet you all and I'm so glad that our back up date worked so perfectly! What a gift family is, I love seeing people celebrate it.


Hester said...

beautiful pictures! I LOVE LOVE the one with the mom and the little girl kissing, that girl's face is priceless! You have soooo much talent Louise!

Carol said...

Wonderful photo shoot, Louise! I also was going to comment on the one with the little girl puckered up and kissing her mom. I also like the location of her sweet little hand!

Naomi said...

We love the photos Louise! Thanks for doing such a great job and being so flexible, we won't hesitate to book you again. These are great memories for all of us!

kelly ens said...

great location! I (kind of) know Bonnie :) small world!