Monday, August 15, 2011

Nick & Alexis | Whonnock Lake Wedding Photos

Gorgeous location and such a wonderful couple. Alexis was nervous about actually being in front of everyone while Nick loved being the star of the show. Together they were so sweet and supportive of one another. I love Whonnock Lake and I love the colour purple. It was a wonderful day and truly fun to edit these photos. Enjoy!

{The outdoor location there is beautiful right next to the dock. So picturesque!}
{Alexis was emotional coming down the aisle and it was beautiful. I feel a bit mean saying it but I do love a few tears:)}

{I like how dad placed their hands together...}

{All of the guests blew bubbles as the couple left, and boy, were those good bubbles! Loved it.}
{Right away, the wedding party went out on the dock where the maid of honour gave a toast. Great idea!}

{Can you pick a favourite photo above? Or even a favourite spot? I like SO many of them!}
{The reception had some beautiful (purple!) decor and please note the special personalized Bobble heads below. Haven't seen that before!}

{Nick and Alexis, we had a great time and were happy to be part of your day. Look how photogenic you two are! Beautiful. Congratulations once again!}


kelly ens said...

i'm excited to see the variety of spots for photos there! (I have a session there soon!). i've been there once before but only on one corner of the beach, so there is obviously much more to explore. great photos! :)

Carol said...

Great photos - love the purple flowers!