Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kenzie Turns One | Cake Smash

My littlest niece is turning one in a few weeks. I love having these little ones around and by having 4 sisters, there's pretty much always another one on the way! We had a little Cake Smash which was really just an `Icing Tasting':) There were two siblings and two cousins eagerly watching the whole thing to make sure that the cake would be intact enough for them to eat. So, no wasted cake here, just a sugar high play date amongst cousins!

Happy first birthday Kenzie Benzie. You are so loved!


Lynn Anne said...

She's adorable!!!

Maria & Kris Thompson said...

Awesome! Thanks Louise! Love the pics - shows her personality well.

Jackie said... year ago she was born...a big bundle of joy - and look at her now! just adorable! :)