Monday, August 29, 2011

Jessica & Steve | Wedding Photos

I love outdoor weddings and this one was extra special as it took place in Steve's parents back yard. Jessica and Steve had their `first look' before the ceremony and it was emotional! Steve actually shed a tear or two and couldn't stop saying how beautiful Jessica, and her dress, were:)

The ceremony involved their dog and two flower girls. And that little dog? See what she did while pulling the girls down the aisle...Enjoy.

{The emotional first look. I think it's how every bride hopes their groom responds to seeing them....)}

{We were then off to Fort Langley for the remainder of the photos.}

{Love the backlit one below!}

{In order for the couple to kiss, money was donated to the Cancer Society. The top kiss shows what you get for a regular donation. The bottom one shows what sort of kiss they had for the biggest donation. Haven't seen that at a reception before:)}

All the best to you two as you continue on in your relationship as husband and wife! Steve, I loved your reaction to seeing Jessica for the first time. It showed just how much you love and support her and how important she is to you.


Carol said...

Great job as always, Louise. My favourite photo is the one with the flowergirls kissing the bride. I loved the flowergirls hair! Did the dog pull the little girls over? I also really liked the blue hydrangea photos!

Louise Chapman said...

Thanks, Carol. Yes, that little dog pulled both girls over:)