Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rachelle & Jesse | Abbotsford Wedding Photos

It was such a privilege to be asked to photograph this wedding. Rachelle, my beautiful cousin, and Jesse, are extremely creative and unique individuals. I hope that Gary and I were able to capture their day in a way that you can see their touch in everything.

We were just asked to capture the ceremony and formal wedding photos so here we go....
{The wedding took place in the loft of a barn in Abbotsford. It was beautiful and decorated with peacock feathers, pearls, and music sheets. Rachelle is a musician and therefore the music throughout the ceremony was a big part of their day.}
{Right before the ceremony started, I went outside and saw Rachelle waiting in the car. Isn't she beautiful? I think it helps that she is always smiling and laughing:)}
{As I mentioned, creativity was a huge part of their day. One of the groomsmen painted the guest tree to sign. You had to stamp your finger to make your leaf for the tree. They also had an artist painting throughout the ceremony. It was a painting inspired by their wedding verse (Song of Songs 8:6-7)}.
{The loft is a beautiful location, although quite dark! I like the way the light from the windows comes into play for a bunch of the photos. Here's my uncle Ed walking Rachelle down the aisle...}

{Look how happy they are doing their vows.}
{After they were pronounced husband and wife, they didn't leave right away. One of the members from Rachelle's bridal party, Theo Tams (yes, the Canadian Idol!), sang `Book of Love' and it was amazing. }

{Family photos were done right outside of the barn and I'll just include a few...}

{Before heading off the park for the rest of the photos, we took a few minutes to get a few pictures of Rachelle and Jesse with the barn. I love these ones and I'm glad we fit them in there!}
{Notice how Rachelle's finger is playing with Jesse's wedding ring...cute detail:)}
{We went to Douglas Taylor Park which is really just a giant field with a path. I had never been there before so it was fun to discover a new place! The rain held off while we were there, it was perfect!}
{Along with all the nice, normal portraits we get of the wedding party, I always like to show some with their personalities. Here, Rachelle and Theo are using their `microphones' and her bridesmaid is giving her their standard lift and hug. Also, I would just like to point out that I love that Rachelle had Theo in her bridal what YOU want, it's your day!

{The guys wanted a matching bouquet as well...}

{See, some nice photos with their wedding party...and then, some funny ones.}

{I love all the details of their bouquets and boutonnieres.}
{Rachelle and Jesse couldn't quite get `the dip' so Janna had to give them some pointers.}

{Back to the barn for the reception....}

{I think the highlight of the evening was when my uncle Ed and Mr. E surprised everyone with their accordions and singing. Nicely done. Very funny.}

{Congratulations Jesse and Rachelle. I'm glad we were able to be part of your day from behind the lens! I loved all the work you two (and many others) put into the wedding to make it really you.}


Lindsay said...

I've heard of her before! Beautiful wedding. Love the loft!!

Rachelle said...

Louise & Gary... They are gorgeous. There are a bunch in here that made me bounce up and down in my seat with excitement. Thank you so much.

Jackie said...

I love the Kostelyk sibling pose...they're just all so photogenic! Man - Rachelle's eyes are soooo blue! Love them!! And yes - Uncle Ed and Jesse's dad should go on Canadian Idol.. ;)

marg said...

These are amazing, nice work :)

Maria & Kris Thompson said...

Wow - amazing pics! Nice to see some as I could not be there! What a beautiful location and such detail - holy crap!

Carol said...

Interesting touches with the "peacock feather" theme! Great job again, Louise!

kelly ens said...

absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

The Smith's said...

I love the peacock feathers! I had two boys for my part of the wedding party, I loved my bridesmen :) Very beautiful pictures!

Janice said...

Such beautiful pictures of an absolutely wonderful day. Thanks so much. I won't tell you how many times I have viewed them :)