Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lyra & Logan | Abbotsford Family Photos

It's always such a compliment when a family books us year after year, I love it! You can see them last year, right here:) Logan just turned one so it was a perfect time for some new family photos. Lyra was a lot more into it this time and Logan wasn't so sure. We spent some time walking around Clayburn Village and this is what we got...
{I love brick. So, we discovered that the candy shop is actually a private residence as well! Oops! Guess that's the last time I'll take pictures at that door.}

{Logan is pretty laid back and the slightest raising of the corner of his lips counts as a smile for this guy:)}

{There were quite a few pictures of Lyra showing sisterly love. I think these were two of the many funny ones. Could be in a wedding slideshow one day:)}
{With the kids back in the van, we just took a few pictures of Pam and Nolan in the giant field beside them. Always need to get pictures of mom and dad together!}

Pam and Nolan, it's always good to hang out with your family. I love that we are in the same place in life and it's just easy to just be together, you know? Thanks for having me capture some moments in time of your family!


kelly ens said...

I knew that was a residence as well, but i always thought their main door was to the back or other side. Did someone come in/out and say something???
cute pictures, by the way! :)

Pam said...

Love, love, love them! Thanks again! You always do such amazing work... and you caught Logan's "smiles" which is pretty tough with our Mr. Serious.