Friday, June 24, 2011

Kyle & Lindsay | Pitt Lake Wedding Photos

Kyle and Lindsay are the ones that had a gorgeous engagement session at Granville Island. I loved it and it is still one of my favourites. As a recap, Kyle is an old student of ours and Lindsay is his beautiful bride who actually is good friends with our last bride, Erica. It was a wonderful day and we were so happy to be part of it!

I started out at Lindsay's place with all of her beautiful bridesmaids. Gary met up with the guys before they headed on over to the church. Enjoy!

{The two ring bearers were adorable. They held hands and pulled each other down the aisle:) Check out Lindsay's nervous excitement. I remember when Gary and I got married, the walk down the aisle was the most stressful part. I asked my mom to tell me a joke right beforehand and then walking down the aisle, I couldn't even look at Gary.}
{Lindsay was a bit emotional during the vows:}

{Kyle dipped Lindsay for their kiss:)}

{Husband and wife! Then, it was off to Fleetwood Gardens for the family photos. Perfect spot with a lot of greenery and shade. I don't usually show family photos but here are a few cute ones.}

{We then went to Pitt Lake for the remainder of the photos. I'll try not to include too many! It was overcast for most of it, which was perfect. There were some moments of blinding sunshine but other than that, it was great!}

{You can see the guys personalities in these photos. While editing the photos, I kept saying to Gary, `What are they trying to do here?':)}

{I do have a nice one of the groomsmen holding Lindsay but there were a bunch of great funny ones:)}
{This lookout tower is perfect for a bit more diversity in the photos. It also provided some great shade:)}

{The guys are showing how their bright white shirts don't match Kyle's ivory one. They were all supposed to be ivory. In the end, it's barely noticeable:)}

{And then it was off to the reception...}

{Congratulations to Kyle and Lindsay! Thank you for having us share your day with you. You guys are a wonderful couple and it's obvious how much you guys love and know each other. Hope you are enjoying the nice, long honeymoon!! All the best to you in the years to come!}


Carol said...

Great photos. Very artsy at the beginning with the shoes, necklace, earrings etc! Lots of work went into the decorating both at the church and at the reception. Love the pictures on the dock!

kelly ens said...

gooooorgeous! Love the location!

Ali said...

Nicely done again G and L!!! Love the laughing ones from the reception, the black and white ones through the veil (I know it's not original but I like your take on it), and the lookout point ones. Actually, the ones of the wedding parties are fun too - can't pick a favorite this time.