Thursday, June 9, 2011

Erica & Aaron | Wedding Photos

Erica and Aaron. May 21st. A super popular wedding date, that's for sure! We were asked to do three weddings on that day so I think the long weekend was a very popular choice. I've known Erica for years as we attended the same church and I also taught her back in the day. She was even a lovely TA for me, thanks Erica! You might recognize these two from a wedding party that they were in just a few months ago; Justin and Alicia (who were now in their wedding party!). This spring we have had the wildest weather, but for their day, although it rained in the morning, it behaved in the afternoon. Phew!

{I started at Erica's house while they were getting ready. As Erica was actually the last one to have her hair and makeup done, she ended up having both done pretty much at the same time. Kim did a fabulous job on her hair, as usual!}

{I love mirror shots while getting ready, they are my favourite. I'm always looking around for a mirror or two. Gary met up with the guys who were getting ready at Aaron's place. Their morning was a little different as they were doing some skeet shooting. However, they cleaned up all nice as you can see below:)}

{It was then off to Ladner CRC where the ceremony was taking place. Their sweet little ring bearer pulled the flower girl in a wagon, down the aisle, to start off the ceremony.}

{Husband and wife!! Then we went to Crescent Beach were we did the majority of the photos. Thankfully it was overcast so there were actually very few people there:)}
{I loved Erica's bouquet. The bridesmaids each had a different, solid coloured bouquet that matched the various colours of Erica's. You'll see what I mean below.}

{Love that tree. Crescent Beach is great for a variety of shots in such a small area.}
{The picture below totally reminds me of a Friends episode or something. Feeling the love of a group hug! Not sure if her brother, Nico, was feeling the love:)}

{So, you know how you can get a shot of the groomsmen lifting the bride, check out this one...}
{One of my favourite shots is the one below, and yes, it's Gary's.}
{We then went up the road to Stewart Farms which is always great if you have an extra 20 minutes or so. The orchard was full of trees that were blossoming, it was gorgeous. Erica, you two looked AMAZING and super happy.}
{See, the orchard is beautiful. So romantic.}

{Had to get some farm type equipment for the Smithers boy!}
{And then it was off to Northview Golf Course. They actually gave the bride and groom a golf cart to ride in and another one for Gary and I. I think the guys enjoyed that a whole lot and could have spent a lot more time on there if we didn't have family photos to do!}
{The beautiful garden below is where we did the family photos, so nice!}
{And then, reception time!}
{Lots of laughter and some kissing...}
{Some games we've never seen before..hence, the laughter!!}
{And, a whole lot of love.}
{Erica and Aaron, congratulations. The countdown has been completed and you're now married! I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon and that you are settling in nicely to married life. Thank you so much for having us along on your big day! Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you two.}


Carol said...

Great photos - I also like the brides colourful bouquet and the bridesmaids one colour ones! That is an exceptionally good picture that Gary took - In our family, my husband or my son and myself always think it was our own self who took any really great photo.

Jackie said...

Looks like a beautiful day, and a wonderful, fun time! Interesting game at the reception ;) ...hmm... Looks like the couple had a LOT of fun - great to see! :)

Anonymous said...

What a small world! Louise, not sure if you remember me, but I taught at FVCH for 6 months before returning to Alberta (Jan 2004). And Aaron is my cousin. BEAUTIFUL photos. Well done!
Carolyn (Adema) Van Zwol