Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ayva, Livia & Noah | White Rock Family Session

I knew Cara years ago when we worked at the same school. She had moved to France (pretty cool!) and had three kids, but now they are back in BC. When I saw her, it was like we still saw each other regularly. Sometimes the wonderful world of the internet really does help you keep in touch. Maybe it's also that we both have wild young kids, it makes it easier to relate!

We had an early-ish morning session and the kids were full of energy already! We had planned for an outfit change midway but I think they were content the way they were. I have some wonderful outtakes of this family but maybe I'll just leave it for them:)

I tried to be a little fun with the picture layouts for the first two but then found that it was taking a bit too much time and maybe when there are so many photos, you kind of glance over them and don't actually look at each one. You know? Feedback is appreciated!

Okay, back to this cute family, and starting off with Noah, the soon to be one year old! Check out his lashes.
{Ayva was loving the flowers. What a great little spot at White Rock!}

{Livia wasn't so sure about the camera, me, and staying clean:) However, we did get a few. So cute.}
{I know these are so colourful but I do think they look nice in some black and white as well. Love Ayva's eyes.}
{Above, `Who wants ice cream?'}

{I know Livia doesn't look the happiest in the photo above, but it's life, it's the interactions. She then popped the top off of that dandelion and threw it away. I love her spunk. Can you see Noah's foot? He didn't want it to touch the grass:)

Cara, so great to see you again and to meet your whole family. Henri, it wasn't too painful, right?! You two have some cute kiddos!


Henri said...


Thanks again for the *great* photos! Cara gave me the CD, and I was really amazed to find way more then a few excellent images. You captured each of our kid's personalities perfectly, and the ones of Cara and me are great.

I can't think of anything to improve what you gave us, so I'll just say thanks again. :)


- Henri.

Jen said...

Wonderful pictures, Louise!

Stephanie Vande Kraats said...

Love it, Louise! I don't know how you get everyone looking the same direction, eyes open, and looking charming. But then, it is the Staforellis. Love the one of Ayva reaching for the flower. Geat pics.