Sunday, May 29, 2011

Three Sisters | Crescent Beach Family Session

This lovely family came down from Vernon for a weekend. On their itinerary? Photo session! I was happy to see them again as I knew Eric and Carmen back before their daughters were born. I was around when Annika was born, but after that, they moved to Vernon. We were part of the same care group at church and it's so awesome to see them with their three beautiful girls now.

Crescent Beach is a place that Eric and Carmen used to love to go to so it was the perfect spot for a session. We met in the morning and boy, it was super bright already! They had just arrived the night before so everyone was a bit tired but you could barely tell. The girls were just happy to be at the ocean. Enjoy:)

{I love these family photos.}

{Like I said, super bright morning, but I do like this back lit photo. By the way, to any photographers out there, if you want your subjects faces to be lit properly while shooting into the bright sun, overexpose it a stop. It does blow out the background a bit but they look nice:)}

{Hey Eric, do you remember that at his point I unfolded my diffuser and it hit me in the nose? And you laughed? Thanks:) Now I know to be a little more careful, could be embarrassing!}
{A little outfit change and the girls were good to go! I always recommend an outfit change...allows for a diversity of looks and a variety of photos.}

{Love the shot of the three girls below. Yes, hair in Chloe's face, but you know what, that's life!}

{The picture below makes me smile, so much love:)}

{Eric and Carmen, it was so great to catch up with you. I'm so glad you had a safe trip and that the weather behaved! Taking photos of your girls was a great way to get to know them, and, I think they're pretty great:) Have a wonderful summer exploring with them!}


kelly ens said...

Carmen and I worked together several years ago at Crusade when she was pregnant with Annika :) Great pictures, Louise - I LOVE the one of the girls holding hands walking down the pier.

brandi said...

great work!! love the Family, love the pics! Thanks for sharing! those girls are really adorable!
Thanks for the link Carm!

Carol said...

I love "walking" photos with children holding hands, and this one on the pier is so sweet!

Hester said...

LOVE IT! Like Brandy said, love the family! You are so talented Louise!