Thursday, May 5, 2011

Leah & Nathan | Wedding Photos

What a beautiful day. I met up with Leah at her parents house where all seven of her bridesmaids (yes, seven!) were getting ready. The plan was for Leah and Nathan to have photos of just the two of them first, and then meet up with the rest of the wedding party later on. All of the girls were hanging out eating some fabulous homemade cinnamon buns and making sure Leah was doing all right, and she was!

{Leah had two pairs of shoes for the day; a dressier one and a more comfortable pair of flats. I totally recommend it!}
{Although their photos were taken before the ceremony, I'll show the ceremony first:)}
{Both mom and dad walked Leah down the aisle. My mom and dad walked me down the aisle too, I think it's special.}
{The vows were wonderful. They wrote their own and Nathan spoke of nine promises which Leah would be continuously reminded of as she had nine diamonds on her wedding ring. It was a beautiful moment.}
{Another special thing to note about their ceremony is that it was Nathan's dad that married them. Gary's dad also married us:)}

{Leah and Nathan had their `first look' photos done at John Lawson Park in Ambleside. There is a pier that they used and they were able to have a few moments on their own first. It was actually right next to a playground so several girls came to give Leah dandelions for her bouquet:)}

{We then went to Lynn Canyon and probably found the last two parking spots there. What a beautiful location, I really loved it. Please note that although I'm afraid of heights, I did go out into the middle of the bridge! I love the wooden staircase area and it worked really well to just have some time with the bride and groom. Their priority was to have ample photos of the two of them and I think we were able to do just that.}

{We then met up with family and the wedding party at Deer Lake Park. I don't usually include family photos but I love this tree in the park and I think it's a nice family photo.}

{And then some wedding party photos! We sort of stuck to the building in the park as there was ample shade in the bright midday sun. A couple of other wedding parties had the same idea:) I love all the stone on the building.}

{And then, it was off to the reception...}

{The cupcakes and cake were made by her cousin, Laura.}
{I know it's a silly `cutting the cake' picture. Don't worry, we got the standard shots, just nice to show something different:)}

{These two had their reception set up a bit differently as they didn't actually have a head table. Also, for the first time we've ever seen, the couple would visit each table and then that table could go and eat. The bride and groom actually ate last. I think that totally shows what a giving couple they are.}
{Congratulations Leah and Nathan. We had a wonderful time with you two, your families, and your wedding party. I hope you two are having a fabulous time in Jamaica (how could you not?!) and all the best to you two as you begin your lives as husband and wife!}


kelly ens said...

beautiful!!! some of my favorite locations for sure :)

Lisa said...

Stunning!!! The lighting was gorgeous!

Carol said...

Great photos in some great locations!