Monday, May 16, 2011

Christina & Chad | Pitt Meadows Wedding Photos

Such a great wedding. Christina and Chad were married in April in Pitt Meadows. I met with the girls in the morning as they were getting ready at Christina's house. Christina is super organized (like, a schedule of the day broken down into 10 minute increments!) and everything went so smoothly. I know I always include so many pictures but I always want people who weren't at the wedding to get a feel for the day. Also, it just tells the story of the day for those that were there as well. Christina is an old student of mine and we've actually taught four of the five bridesmaids too! It always makes it a little more fun seeing them all grown up:) Starting off, the girls were laughing at a video of Christina...
{Christina, you looked beautiful! The girls got all their hair and makeup done at her house and then went to the Pitt Meadows Golf and Country Club to continue getting ready.}
{A few photos with mom. Christina said she felt like a cupcake in her dress. It was so perfect for her and she just looked so classy.}
{While getting ready, Christina was given `the notebook' from Chad. They have a notebook that they have written love letters back and forth to each other over the years. It must have been a good one because Christina started getting pretty teary eyed. Sweet, sweet couple. The ceremony was outdoors at the golf course and the weather was looking promising. They had a path with pictures of their dating life leading the way to their ceremony.}
{All ready to go!}
{Such a beautiful setting! Chad's grandpa was actually the one that was marrying them which made it a little more special.}
{Suddenly, right during the vows, the rain came down. Not just sprinkling either, it was a good downpour. Everyone grabbed an umbrella and it was a cozy way to enjoy the rest of the ceremony:)}

{The rain stopped right after the ceremony and we were pretty good for the rest of the time! Family photos were taken at the golf course where there were some great cherry blossom trees lining the entrance way.}

{Then, we drove just 15 minutes away to Pitt Lake. Gorgeous location. It was pretty overcast but at least we didn't have to deal with harsh shadows! I love this place and can't wait to go back sometime soon.}
{Looking at these pictures, it's hard for me to remember how cold all the girls were while we were there. They were such good sports and we had a great time!}
{I do have a ton of photos where they are all looking nice but sometimes it's nice to mix it up:)}

{Perfect group hug by the guys! Their individual groom and groomsmen photos were quite...unique and funny:) I'll leave them off just so they don't end up on or something!}

{We then went for a walk along the dyke to a lookout tower which is a great spot. Great job walking in your heels, girls!}

{Pretty beautiful spot, isn't it?}

{We then went back to the golf course to get just a few more photos...}

{And then it was inside to the reception!}

{The centerpieces were beautiful with tea lights hanging in the branches.}
{There was a photobooth set up for the guests to have their photos taken for the guest book...}
{Not sure what's up with the plunger but the props from the photobooth made it out onto the dance floor...}

{Christina and Chad, congratulations! Thank you for having us along to celebrate the big day. It was really fun to follow you through all the emotions of the day. Hope you two are having a wonderful honeymoon and I'll bet we'll see you a time or two in the next while as we are practically neighbours now!}

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Carol said...

What a great variety of wedding photos! Cherry blossoms and snow capped mountains all together - unheard of where I live! I hope you west coasters appreciate the beauty of where you live!