Thursday, April 7, 2011

Riley | Port Moody Family Session

I love this family. I met Tessa on my very first day of orientation at UBC and knew immediately that I had to be friends with her. She was so funny and outgoing, and of all places on campus, we were going to be living on the same floor! That was 14 years ago and I can picture it like it was yesterday.

In our first few years at UBC, we worked out and ran together, played on the same soccer and football teams, and may have spent more than a few late nights out having know, studying. Tessa also tutored me a time or two as she is brilliant. We met Simon at the same time as he was on our brother floor. I was there, years later, when they first started dating. And, a few years after that when they got married. These two are just so meant to be together and are a fabulous team. Tessa and I have kept in touch via email over the years, but more recently, they have moved back to the Lower Mainland which means we can actually see each other. Although we don't get together enough, I love the time that we do spend together. Riley, their super gorgeous son, recently turned one. I was more than happy to take photos of these guys together.
{We met up at White Pine Beach in Port Moody. I love Port Moody. It's a place that they visit frequently, especially in the summer to go for a swim. I think I'll need to take my boys there! I got the feeling they didn't think they would be so good at the`photo thing' but they did so well. Simon had just run a half marathon about an hour before and he was such a good sport as Tessa led us from one of the park to the other (okay, not that bad).}
{I don't know if it's because I know them, but don't these pictures just make you happy looking at them? They are such good parents and Riley is so loved. I love that they are so adventurous and take Riley biking, hiking, snowshoeing etc. No stopping them!}
{I know there are a lot of portrait/vertical pictures in here, hence cramming them all in. Hopefully it isn't overwhelming. Below, we actually got their dog, Tenge, in the photo. Tenge does not sit still so I was excited to see him sit for a minute and get in a shot or two:)}

{Tessa, Simon and Riley, so good to hang out with you guys. You make me smile and laugh and just feel happy. Next time you go to Sasamat Lake, let me know and I'll take the boys! }

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Tess and Si said...

I think I've checked this five times already! Love the pics. Thanks Lou!