Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Margriet & Jon | Engagement Session

I'm so glad that we were able to move Margriet and Jon's session up by one day as the weather was perfect for an engagement session! These two went to high school together and I actually taught them both in grade nine:) This is the fourth couple we've photographed where I have taught both the bride and groom...crazy hey? This school has great success at matchmaking and I should know, it's where Gary and I met (as teachers, not students:)).

For the engagement session, we went to Stanley Park and just drove around the park, stopping at 5 or 6 different places. I loved it! I really enjoy showing up to a location and trying to figure out where a great spot for a photo might be. These two were super easy going and I think they smiled the entire time we were together. Jon said it was hard not to smile when he's around Margriet. Way too sweet.
{Jon and Margriet started dating way back in grade 12. Margriet first told Jon that she really liked him on her birthday, while they were celebrating with friends at the park. Jon proposed 5 years later at that same park. You can tell that they just know each other so well and are so supportive of one another. I also kinda love that they have both have Biology/Chemistry degrees as that is a passion of mine too (okay, the Biology, not so much the Chemistry). I can still picture Margriet singing a song about blood types back in grade 9:) (It could've been a song on digestion but I'm thinking it was blood types, regardless, great voice and already such a love for science!)}
{Can you tell how happy these two are together? How sweet they are? How at ease they are together? So great.}
{I don't think I have to worry about asking Jon to smile during his wedding photos, check out the grin on his face! Non stop. Love it!}
{I had mentioned that it might be a good idea to take different layers/outfits and Margriet did a great job with that. You'll notice a few different outfits going on and I totally recommend it. As a tip, just wear a tank top underneath and it just takes seconds to change from one look to the next. Jon, you did a good job too:) Gorgeous tree below...}

{Jon wanted some pictures under the bridge which would've been awesome but somehow we managed to end up at Prospect Point which worked well too. Then, it was off to find some cherry blossom trees as they're perfectly in bloom right now!}
{I love these ones around the cherry blossom trees...so soft and romantic.}
{We went on the roof of one of the tallest building in the west end, possibly the tallest, and got a few shots there. Amazing view.}
{And just a couple more cute ones below...I love this spot and might need to go back to get more photos there. The stairs there are pretty awesome too:). Margriet and Jon had considered Stanley Park for wedding photos but it would've been tough with traffic and timing, so, it worked out really well as an engagement session location.}

Margriet and Jon, so great to photograph you guys as an engaged couple. I had a great time with you two and Gary and I look forward to your wedding in August!


Carol said...

Great photos - how very Vancouvery!

Ali said...

Great pics!

May said...

Beautiful pictures, proud to be the mother of the bride!

Steph said...

margriet, you are such a BABE! you guys look freaking fantastic! best engagement photos EVER!!!

Vanessa said...

love the photos! classic - Stanley Park is always a great location