Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Charlie's Cake Smash | First Birthday

Sweet little Charolotte is turning one this week and she is such a doll! This weekend, she came to the studio for a mini cake smash session. A cake smash is where the birthday girl/boy is presented with their first, and very own, giant cupcake or cake. It allows you to take some time and creativity to capture the moment that usually happens at their first birthday. It's always interesting watching what they will do...dive in? Run away? Charlotte tentatively ate the icing and was most interested in the number 1 candle:) Enjoy some photos of this beautiful big girl!

{I love the photo below, `Hmmm....what should I do here? '}
{She actually had an interesting technique as she enjoyed putting her foot in it, and more than once!}

{Happy 1st Birthday Charlotte! You are a sweet little girl and I look forward to seeing you grow up over the years!}


Jennifer Begin said...

Wow, mostly left the cupcake intact. Impressive! Beautiful shots Lou . . .

Cath said...

LOVE them :) !!!!