Thursday, April 21, 2011

Alex & Alison | Engagement Photos

I met up with Alex and Alison at Burnaby Mountain Park. I never even knew it existed and was pleasantly surprised! We had tried to plan it with the cherry blossoms but when we got there, we realized that the trees up there are about a week behind and not quite blooming. However, there were a ton of great spots up there and I loved the variety! Daffodils, moss, rocks, forest, fields...awesome.

Alex and Alison are also two former students of mine:) I love these two (I seriously just love all my old students) and I'm so excited for them. They have known each other since they were in elementary school but didn't start dating until after high school. They are getting married in 2012 and we're already looking forward to it! Alison knew the types of photos she wanted and Alex was up for anything. I totally encourage couples to have an outfit change half way, it just adds so much more variety to the session. They chose some great ones!

Okay, on to the engagement session....

{Aren't they sweet? And, they do have a silly side too. At first Alison said she would do something like this if I didn't post it, but when I told her how cute they looked, she said it was okay:) I totally encourage couples to just be themselves so here you are....}
{I love the open forest above, I think I may have to go back there sometime:) Can you tell I just love new locations? The picture below might be my favourite. Alison's slight smile, Alex's looking pretty happy...}

{I'll include one set in black and white because I really do love some B+W's!}
{Alex and Alison, so great to spend some time with you two again! Thank you for introducing me to a new location and all the best to you two as you plan your wedding over the next year:) }


Ali said...

Congratulations you guys!!!! My favorite is the silly one, but that's no surprise. These two look SO stinkin' happy - woohooo!!! Nice pics Louise.

nessa.hui said...

Love Love Love! The silly one is also my favourite!