Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweet Madeleine | Kid Session

Remember how there was a Valentine's Giveaway for a free mini photo shoot? Well this sweet little girl's auntie won it for her. Eighteen month old Madeleine and her momma came to out studio for their mini session. Madeleine did wonderfully in her various outfit changes and had one cute mini meltdown (the 18 month old fake kind) that I may have taken a picture of:)
I love the variety of clothes that mom chose. Madeline was totally at home and I think she liked playing model for a bit.
She loved mom's singing which reminded me that next time I have a little one in studio, I should probably have some kiddie music playing!
Christina and Madeleine, so great to see you two. Thank you for coming to our home and all the best to you this year, it sounds like there are a couple of great adventures ahead of you!

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kelly ens said...

adorable...the outfit changes are awesome!