Monday, March 28, 2011

Kim & Dallas | Wedding Photos

I met with Kim back in the summer and after just a few minutes, I felt like I'd known her for a long time. She is super outgoing and says what's on her mind. After being with her mom and sisters while they were getting ready on the wedding day, I could see that Kim isn't the only funny and strong woman in that family. They had me laughing a lot:) Being that Dallas, her groom to be, lived in Alberta, we wouldn't get a chance to meet him until the big day. All we knew was that he was a laid back country boy who enjoyed photography as well. Dallas and Kim met online and I'm so happy for them that they found each other.

I met up with the girls getting ready at the salon in the morning and then spent some time at Kim's house while they were getting ready....
{It was evident early on that the weather forecast was going to be right. Rain.}

{Kim, like me, is not a super girly girl so it was fun seeing her get her hair and makeup done. Kim, you looked beautiful!}
{Here's Kim's sweet little nephew, Logan. He visited the girls in the office at the church and brought a lot of smiles to everyone's face. So cute.}
{Can you see Kim, above, doing a little dance in the office? Now that's one calm bride! Time for the ceremony....}

{I like the detail of having their initials etched in the glass for the unity sand ceremony.}

{After the receiving line, we went to Fort Langley. Usually if it's raining, it's a pretty good location as there are so many covered areas. However, there were three other weddings parties with the same idea! That's a whole lot of people trying to fit in just a few covered areas. And when I say it was raining, it was really raining:)}

{I wish I could say that it was me who made them laugh, but it was Gary. }
{Her bridesmaids were her two older sisters. They did such a great job of being bridesmaids; calm, helpful and reassuring. Good job, sisters! Not sure if you noticed but Dallas has a camouflage hunting vest, apparently he is quite the hunter as you will see later on.}

{The boys braved the rain for a bit...}

{I don't normally post any family pictures but I'll include a few here. Her mom just had me laughing a lot throughout the day and I may have just made a joke about her talking a bunch:) Also included are the three girls with their little brother Nolan. Yes, he is purposely making that face like his sisters are gross but it is obvious that these siblings are all very close.}

{Time for some more bride and groom photos!}

{These two are so cute together. They remind me of Gary and I in a way, just teasing each other as a way of flirting:) The whole wedding party, and the families, did such a great job with all the rain and all that came it. Good job, team! Then, it was off to the reception.}

{Congratulations Kim and Dallas! It was great getting to know you two and we are so happy for you. Wishing you all the best as you begin your lives together in Alberta.}


kelly ens said...

great pictures! I love the colors and the cake :)
i see you in the corner of the wider ring exchange picture...made me think of how Gary likes to sneak pictures of you when you're working together ;)

Carol said...

Great flexibility to get these great pictures on a rainy day! I had to go back and look for you in the side of that one photo, after Kelly mentioned spotting you.

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Thanks Kelly and Carol! I don't think Gary was trying to sneak a picture of me in there as we usually try to block each other out in a wedding:) Maybe I should do a `Where's Louise' in each post:) Or not.