Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Kennedy | Newborn Session

This baby girl was just 9 days old when I met her, her parents, and her two grandmas. She did so well! We had a space heater going on in a spare bedroom and she was super happy in there (while we were super sweaty!). She didn't fall asleep until I packed up my stuff to leave, so she was just sort of in a sleepy state the whole time I was there. Here are some pictures of Michelle and Byron's sweet little 8lb bundle of cuteness:)

She couldn't figure out if she wanted to sleep or if the camera clicking was more interesting...

I included the picture below because this little girl has a long tongue and loves sticking it out:)
The blanket that Kennedy is lying on is actually the one that was Michelle's when she was a baby!
Grandma and Nana each got a few pictures with Kennedy as well. So much love!
The blue outfit that Kennedy is wearing is also sentimental. It's the one that Michelle wore when she came home from the hospital as a baby!

And because I really love baby toes...

Congratulations Michelle and Byron. Your daughter is beautiful and I'm thankful that you had me capture her 9th day at home with you all:)

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