Wednesday, March 9, 2011

40 Years | Extended Family Session

Melanie contacted me months ago about doing an extended family session to celebrate her parents 40th wedding anniversary. I love photo sessions as gifts because it recognizes one of the most important things; family. Booking at this time of year is always a bit risky but the weather was on our side and there's something fun about dressing in layers. Extended family sessions are great, but also a bit tough because I would love to do a full session with each family:) So, here are some of the photos of 14 fabulous individuals!
{These two kiddos, Sam and Ellah, were the youngest of the bunch. They are so incredibly adorable. Sam reminds me of my son, and Ellah has the cutest outfit and headband on. They were so well behaved and actually wanted their photos taken the whole time.}

{There were a lot of brotherly interactions which gave me a peak into the future. Basically the wrestling will continue:)}

{I hope I look this happy after 35 more years with Gary:)}
{I have a lot of photos of Melanie and Herb together (above) and a lot of them look like they are an engagement session, so cute together. Notice how Melanie switched up her scarf...something small to add variety to the photos. I am a big fan of scarves!}

Grandma and grandpa were so cute together and grandma had a lot of ideas on what she wanted for the grandkids below. Not sure if Brodie being silly was in the plans but it brought out the best smiles!}

{All the guys and then all the pretty ladies...}

{I'm trying not to post too many of Sam and Ellah but it's tough:)}

{Just the adults smiley nicely and then being a bit silly.}

{And ending with a few full family shots. I could show so many more photos but you get the idea; great location, beautiful weather, fun people, good times!}

{I had a lot of fun with you all and I'm happy to see what we accomplished in our time together!
Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary to Willy and Diane!}


Rachel said...

those are great! such a beautiful day too!

Carol said...

Great family photos - Ellah is sure outnumbered by boys! What a young looking & stylish grandma!

Diane said...

Well thankyou Carol...I love all of the photos!...Thankyou Louise for all your patience with our large group....anyone wanting family pics done, just look right here at GC Photography...great job!