Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Five Sisters | Family Session

This session was great for so many reasons.
1. It was at a totally new location for me! Queen Elizabeth Park is so gorgeous and I can't wait to do a session there again someday.
2. The family has five sisters, no brothers, just like me! I'm the oldest of five girls.
3. I have taught four of the five sisters and they are all wonderful.
4. This session was a gift from the kids, to the parents. Such a great gift!
5. Throw in some cute kids, some loving grandparents and an easy going brother in law, and you've got a great morning!
Here we go...
{It was actually Ian's first birthday on Sunday. I am terrified of singing in public but the one thing that made him smile and look at me was when I sang `Happy Birthday'. Thankfully the family joined in with me as we may have sung it a time or two!}
{The reason for choosing Queen Elizabeth Park is that mom and dad had their wedding photos done there 29 years ago and it is the place where the family has spent a lot of time together.}
{The two boys sure have a whole lotta love from their aunties! Check out the cute matching necklaces that mom and dad gave the girls.}

{Daddy and the boys. The little guys did so well considering it was pretty chilly!}
{A few of mom and dad together. I love the one on the bottom with the light coming through.}
{In keeping with family tradition, they wanted a picture with the statues up there:)}

{We should have done more by this sculpture but the boys were quite done by this point. I love the texture of it and the fun shot of dad peeking through.}
{And, just because it was sunny, a few shots with the light. It was so good to see the sun again and just let a little light play into the pictures!}

{It was great seeing you all again and thank you for introducing me to Queen Elizabeth Park. I can see why you go there so much as a family. Happy 1st Birthday Ian!!}


Rachel said...

Thanks again Louise! It was a great morning, and all the photo's turned out AWESOME!!!

kelly ens said...

As soon as I saw the title of this post, I knew who it would be :) great pictures of this gorgeous family Louise!

Lindsay said...

Totally was not expecting pictures of the G family! So great! Love them :)

Lynn Anne said...

Great photos! Love the big blue eyes.... my friend introduced me to QE park just a few months before I moved to Australia and I loved it too! Its a great spot!

Jackie said...

Very neat - 5 girls! Just like our family, I can see the similarities in them, and yet so many differences! I like the statue photo :) ... seems like they have lots of memories there!

Bethany said...

I'm pretty sure I've looked at these pictures like 10 times in the last day and a bit. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest :)