Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Jacob | A Special Valentine's Gift

Remember this beautiful belly? Who knew that there was a 10lb 4oz baby in there?! Not these two parents:) I had mentioned after our maternity session how much Anita and I had in common, and now, a similar birth experience with big babies:) After labour starting so well at home and progressing at the hospital, she ended up with a C-section just before midnight on Valentine's Day. Baby and momma are doing well and are now home. Although I was prepared to be there at the birth, it ended up working out that I came the following morning and captured photos of big brother Ben meeting Jacob for the first time. It also included the proud grandparents meeting their newest grandson. Congratulations on the arrival of your gorgeously chubby baby boy!!!
{I got there right after his bath and just before big brother Ben was going to come in. Because baby Jacob had low blood sugar levels (just like my two boys!), he was both breastfeeding and being fed formula. Everyone got a chance to feed baby Jacob, even Ben did!}
{This family is all about the `smooshes'...I'd say that in almost every other picture, someone was kissing somebody:) So cute. Below is Ben just playing in the kid's waiting room before meeting his brother.}
{Ben came in excitedly with a present for Jacob. He waved hello and gave him a smoosh. Baby Jacob was given a Zebra and in turn, baby Jacob gave Ben a great new car!}
{The grandparents, who had eagerly been waiting to meet Jacob, came in and each had a chance to spend some time with him.}
{I love the scrunched up crying face while grandpa held him. It only lasted a second but looks so cute.}

{Ben helping grandpa feed Jacob. At one point Ben said,` Jacob out!' (meaning Jacob was out of mommy's belly). He was so gentle and such a great little helper already!}
{I love Jacob's huge pudgy hands...he had them clasped together most of the time. I love babies!}

{Congratulations to you all on the arrival of Jacob! Having two boys is so much fun and now there is another one to give and receive smooshes in that gorgeous family of yours:)}


kelly ens said...

So I hadn't realized it was Anita's baby you were waiting for - she is WAY too small to have had a baby that big - wowzers!!! never would have guessed.
congrats to all of them - what a CUTE chubber.
great photos, Louise!

Carol said...

That mom is looking great for just having had a C-section. What a sweet, big baby boy!

Jackie said...

Wow - what a cute baby! Looks just adorable! :)