Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Jacob | Newborn Session

I think this was just my second time doing a maternity, birth/hospital, and newborn session for one family. It has been so much fun and something I would love to do more of! I loved getting to know this family and have a feeling that we'll be having a few play dates in the future! Baby Jacob is such a sweet baby and loved just laying on his tummy. He needed a couple breaks for some milk as he's such a big eater, he was trying to eat his hands the whole time:) Big brother Ben was more into the train table in the next room, rather than photos, but we got a few of him. Enjoy.

{I love Jacob's reddish hair and I have to say that he looks so much like his daddy!}

{Most of the time, his eyes were closed or he did the one eye peek that so many newborns do. I like the shot below with both of his beautiful eyes open. Isn't he gorgeous?!}
{Anita is looking so incredible and although a C-section is no fun (I know), she is recovering well. I can't believe he's a week old already!}
{I would like to call the picture below, on the right, `Peace':)}
{So I wasn't able to get super fantastic photos of the boys together, but here's just a couple of them sitting together.}

{Ending with the one eye peek:) I love that you can see the little sucking blister that newborns get on their upper lip, I just think it's so cute. Okay, everything about a newborn is just so adorable. Congratulations again! Thank you for having me capture the addition of this gorgeous little boy in such a variety of ways. It was wonderful meeting you all!}


kelly ens said...

LOVE these photos Louise. what a handsome little man. your newest prop turned out amazing too - fantastic! :)

Lindsay said...

LOVE the last one with the cute little wink :)

Megan said... boys tug at my uterine strings these days. the pea pod thing is SO stnkin' cute - great colors!And I think my fave shot IS the shot with his hands in his mouth, lying down. gorg!

Maputobound said...

The solo shots of Jacob are especially stunning, though they're all excellent! He does look very peaceful in all of them! I hope that's true in reality as well for the sake of mom and dad.

Carol said...

Beautiful photos, Louise! At first I wondered why you wanted to title that one photo "peace" and then I saw his little fingers!

Rachel said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!! Newborns are so precious and cuddly!