Friday, January 21, 2011

Jessica, Alex, Noah & Connor | Family Photos

Jessica organized photos of her and her siblings as a gift for their mom. Such a thoughtful gift! It was a little chilly but the kids did so well with might have helped that there were hot chocolates and timbits involved:) The priority was a group shot of the siblings and then individual ones as well. Anyone who has boys in the 6-9 age range knows that they can be a little monkeyish and these two were no exception:) I've included some of their antics because it's who they are and that's what it's about. Capturing who they are.
{We started out at Stewart Farms...}

{Noah, that picture is just for you.}

{Not necessarily what I suggested but very brotherly:)}

{And then we went to Crescent Beach, just 5 minutes away. So great getting a little more diversity in there!}

The older siblings, Jessica and Alex, did such a great job with the younger boys. Their patience and love for them was seen throughout our entire time together.

Jessica, I hope your mom loves these photos. I think it is such a thoughtful gift and you are a wonderful big sister!


kelly ens said...

these pictures are great. and i'm impressed too, that she organized something like this as a gift - very special!

Megan said...

What a sweet daughter :) Gorgeous pics - love the locations...especially that yummy blue bridge!

Carol said...

What a nice daughter and big sister!

Jessica Thomas said...

Louise they look amazing! :) I love the one that you put in of Noah trying to make his armpit fart... such a boy! :)

It made me smile and it will make him laugh. :)

WOW. Thanks SO MUCH! I look forward to getting the CD! :)