Monday, January 10, 2011

Curtis & Britteny | Wedding Day

Curtis and Britteny, who have been together for about 6 years, had a wonderful winter wedding in December. You might remember them from their engagement session here. Gary and I had the opportunity to go up to Pemberton, half an hour past Whistler, for this wedding. The roads were bare (although we had snow tires for peace of mind!) and we went up the day before to check out the wedding location; the Drumkeeran House. Curtis and Britteny were envisioning a small and intimate wedding and the house was perfect for their 50 guests. It was a great celebration and there was ample opportunity for them to spend time which each of their guests throughout the day. They even had the chance to get pictures with every single guest that was there!
{The morning started out at the salon in Whistler where the girls were getting all done up. The weather was overcast which was a bit disappointing as it made it difficult to see any of the mountains which the area is so well known for. Britteny was really calm and even got a bit of a hair cut in there!}
{Being that the wedding was just after Christmas, there was a lot of wintery/Christmas type decor. Their favours were red ornaments to go with the theme!}
{The guys got ready at the Drumkeeran House and then the girls arrived and got ready in another location at the house. They had walkie talkies to avoid running into each other:)}
{Can you see the dress hanging in the middle top window? This is the Drumkeeran House. It's actually another 10 minutes past the city of Pemberton. The ceremony took place in the main room where guests could get a great view of the beautiful scenery around them.}
{Gary got a few shots from outside looking in...I was a bit afraid to go on my own after the caretaker mentioned a family of bobcats had been known to be walking around in that area!}
{The majority of the portrait sessions were actually taken before the ceremony so below you see them seeing each other for the first time.}
{We took some shots around the house....}

{And then braved the outdoors. It was misty and raining a bit but everyone was in great spirits.}
{I love the wintery feel of their boutonniere's. We found a shed and the boys made use of the props there:)}

{I really like these next photos....}

{And then back in the house to warm up for a bit!}

{And then, it was reception time. I have to say that the food was absolutely amazing. It was catered by Riverside Cafe, a local Whistler business.}
{They had an ice cream station set up which was the perfect idea for Curtis and Britteny to have some one on one time with each guest. They served each guest and also each other.}

{There was some singing, speeches, a skit and slideshow, and then it was time to do some dancing.}
{As I said, they had photos with every person at the wedding. The picture above is one of their shot with their med school friends. Good job, everyone, for braving the cold outdoor air!}
{Congratulations Curtis and Britteny. We had a great time in Pemberton and it was fun to do something different! We wish you all the best with your studies and in your journey together!}


Lindsay said...

there is something SO romantic about a winter wedding! I love it.

Megan said...

amazing - what an awesome job you guys did capturing such a magical wedding. beautiful!

Carol said...

What a neat, intimate wedding!

kelly ens said...

having had a winter wedding, there is SO much I love about this one. the red shoes, the bridesmaids boots, the SNOW, the red and winter decor, etc, etc. Overall, such a beautiful wedding and you guys did an amazing job!