Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ben & A Baby Belly | Maternity Session

I met with Anita and Jon at Clayburn Village on an overcast January morning and it was perfect! The roads were actually closed due to flooding, but we made it:) Anita is about 37 weeks pregnant and we had a mini session to get to know each other a bit better before birthing day as I will be (hopefully!) capturing those first few moments/hour of life.

I realized that we have a lot in common in the short amount of time we were together. Like Gary and I, they are both teachers with a science background. Both Gary and Jon played on a university sports team. Anita is also a photographer (such an honour to photograph a photographer!). Both of us have 2 year old boys and we live very close to each other. That's a whole lot of similarities! Hopefully they like the pictures as much as I do:) Enjoy.
{Ben is showing off his shirt in the above picture. Such a cute smile!}

Anita and Jon (and Ben!), it was great getting to know your family and I'm really looking forward to the big day when we get to meet your little one too!


Ali said...

I didn't even really think about how much you have in common...and they're having another boy so there's something else. Oh, and Jon likes to cook and coaches. Weird. Maybe I need to branch out in the couples I form friendships with.

kelly ens said...

*SIGH* I love Old Clayburn Village. Small world - Anita is a friend of my sister's from back in the day; i didn't know she was into photography too - cool!

oh, and beautiful photos Louise!

Anita said...

Thanks so much, Louise! I love the photos and now just have to decide which ones to print out and display! Looking forward to having you there at the next little guys' arrival and, from the sounds of all we have in common and our close proximity in Langley, we'll definitely have to get together sometime and let our boys hang out while we talk photography :) Thanks once again!

Kelly - it is totally a small world! We're even in a home group with the Werdals who I know are close friends of yours. Say hi to Tara for me!