Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brennan | Baby Photos

These baby pictures were taken for a woman that I have been praying for. Baby Brennan's grandma (can't believe she is a grandma as she is so young!) is on a tough road with cancer right now and hopefully some pictures of her grandson will bring a smile to her face! Brennan's dad, Brad, was one of my students way back in the day. Look at him now, being a super dad. Brennan, 6 weeks old, did such a great job. He was so laid back and was enjoying the flashes going off. It's been a long time since I've done anything in the studio (especially with a black backdrop) so it was kind of fun for a change. Enough talking...here we go!

Brittany and Brad, congratulations on your gorgeous little boy. All the best to you on your parenting journey. Boys are such an adventure!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Surprise Session For Grandma and Grandpa | Family Photos

As a surprise for their mom's 60th birthday, the family planned a photo session. Apparently grandma loves photos so good thing we took a lot of them! When they told me it would be 8 adults and 8 kids, I was a little nervous about all the kiddos but they did SO WELL! Usually we try to do a large family photo first, while the kids are at their best...look at the very first photo, they're all looking and looking good!
{I love getting head shots of all the super gorgeous kiddos!!}
{Beautiful little Heidi is turning 3 so she had a little outfit change for a few photos. I'm also going to use that door a little more often, it's so great!}
{The two beauties above are actually twins! Did you notice their sweet boots in the photo above?}
{Brother and sister above. The family told me that they are a `Sepia Family' so I just want to let them know that although I'm only showing 3 in sepia, there will be a lot more. Usually I just edit in colour and then also convert it to black and white. It's always important to tell me what you do and do not like! So, some sepia for you....}
{I've decided the best way to make kids laugh is to take a funny uncle along. Well, in the case below it was their daddy but he did a great job making all the kids laugh! Not sure what he was doing behind my head exactly, but it worked!}
{There's always airplanes and huge barges going by to entertain the kids!}
{Please note that all the kids are looking up, not an easy feat!! Love mom and dad kissing above the kids while Heidi takes a look!}
{The family below found these perfect flowers and fence to have their photo taken at...I love having so many eyes looking around looking for somewhere good to shoot!}

{Do you see how much the `funny uncle' was making the kiddos laugh?! And below, what kids don't want to throw leaves and make funny faces?!}
Thank you for having me capture some family photos for you. The kids did so wonderfully and I hope grandma and grandpa love the pictures!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Jared, Elly & Family | Family Photos

This post will probably look very similar to the last one as it was at the exact same location, and also, another large family group! The two kids, Jared and Elly were super cute, and the `big kids' did a great job too. With one family visiting from out of town, it was the perfect time to get extended family photos done. Campbell Valley Park always has perfect lighting around dusk so I really love it. Here we go....
{Jared reminds me so much of my oldest son and these two got along SO well. They would hold hands and hug and were just so good together.}
{They had spent the day at the PNE and then had the photo session, what a day! They did wonderfully.}
{Some pictures with grandma and grandpa...}
{Dan and Ryleigh, married 3 years, looking super cute together...}

{The engaged couple and then.....a sibling squishy hug!}
{Below is there `Do something funny!' pose and I like it!}
{Like I said, CUTE KIDS!! The whole family was so good about having so many full family photos in so many different locations.}

So glad that it worked to fit in a photo session while you were all together in the same city! It was nice meeting you all and I hope you enjoy the photos!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

29 Years and 7 Kids | Family Photos

For their parents anniversary earlier this year, the kids got them a family photo session. Gary and I have been connected to this family for years, through the school, and I have taught four of the seven kids. Yes, seven! I come from a family of five but somehow seven seems like a lot more. Campbell Valley was perfect and everyone was pretty into it! There were; mom and dad, seven kids, one daughter in law, one boyfriend and one grandson.
{Seventeen month old Owen brings them all so much joy and I think I got a picture of almost every single person with him throughout our time together. As a side note, I have an eighteen month old Koen who would've loved to have run around collecting rocks with him!}
{I usually try to get head shots of everyone and with this many people, I'll just show it this way...}
{Kristin and Craig...cute!}
{Owen was reaching for a rock that I had in my hand. Who needs toys when a rock can do the trick?!}

{There were so many combinations, I can't begin to show them all; all the boys, all the girls, the oldest and youngest girls, mom with the boys etc...}
{Don't worry girls, I got a great one of you all looking and smiling but you'll just have to wait for the disk:) Kristin and Ryan, the lovely parents of Owen, are below. }
{I like this family shot. Good things these are adult kids because I couldn't imagine getting this many young kids to look and smile!}

{Thank you for organizing this great gift for your parents. To `Oma and Grandpa', happy anniversary and many more!}

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Julia & Ryan | Wedding Day

We first met Ryan and Julia when they had their engagement session. It was pouring rain and they were totally fine with it. I knew these two were pretty laid back and just looking forward to getting married! It was a hot day and they had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony and reception at the Kirkland House in Ladner. I love going to new places! It's not often that you have reception outside too (we did!) so that really refreshing. Let's start with the girls getting ready...
{The girls all had similar bracelets and Julia surprised one of her bridesmaids, Miriam, by wearing a necklace she had made her.}
{If I could get married again, I'd have a flower in my hair! Gary was at the farm where the boys were getting ready...and by `getting ready' that might have meant having a glass of wine or two.}
{Red wine...white shirt, see, I told you they were laid back!}
{The ceremony was on the grounds of the Kirkland House, a heritage house in Ladner. The aisle was lined with coloured rocks, instead of petals, and there were vases of flowers suspended by ribbons.}
{After walking down the stairs of the house and through the beautiful aisle throughout the garden, the wedding ceremony began.}
{The ring usually causes some laughter and this time it was because she may have started putting it on the wrong hand.}
{One bridesmaid sang, another played the piano, and it was beautiful. I love when the wedding party is involved like that!}
{And now, some pictures from when they actually first saw one another at Deas Island Park.}

{The picture below, with the lightbulb is just an inside joke with the wedding party. Take that Mr. Park Ranger:)}
{Julia has a ton of expressions and most are cute like this:)}

{Okay, so usually with the guys, we get a nice picture of the groom with each groomsmen. Then, they need to be creative. Sometimes they need a little help so in this case Gary said, `Jump on his back'. This is what `jump on his back' meant to them....}

{And now, reception time! There were games to play like bocce, lawn darts, frisbee golf etc. and the reception was set up right beside where the ceremony had been. }
{Cutting the cupcake using grandma's beautiful cake cutter}
{See, laid back! The wedding party just hanging out on the grass watching some amusing uncles...}

{As with every wedding in their family, there was some serenading as one whole side of the family got up to sing a song.}
Ryan and Julia, thank you for having us along and for sharing your day with us. Julia, all the best to you as you start your Secondary Education program this year (Julia and I are twins in our educational history with a BSc from UBC and then teaching program). Blessings to you both in the months and years to come!