Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mini Photo Session Contest

Check out our facebook group to see the free mini photo shoot we are giving away. The photo shoot is for a boy less than 3 months or a girl under the age of 1 (ages based on the products that I purchased!). I want to try out my new etsy gear that should be here in about 2 weeks:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Redwood Park

I took the boys to check out a potential photo location in South Surrey. Have you ever been to Redwood Park? It's very beautiful with it's giant trees and huge fields. The boys sure loved it and I would love to do a photo shoot there. I wonder what other cool locations are out there that I haven't discovered yet....
(By the way, I know they aren't the best pictures of my boys so maybe I'll have to go back with Gary so he can entertain them while I get some better ones! Kai wanted daddy to come along to go `sploring anyway.)

Mike's Studio Grad Photos

Mike (who was in his sisters wedding last year) had a mini session to get a good grad studio type shot. Here are just a few of those photos. Mike, I hope the next two months go really well for you, you're almost there!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jana & Ross: Engagement Photos

This weekend I had the opportunity to meet with Jana and Ross. These two are getting married in July and the location should be just beautiful! I love outdoor weddings (ours was one!) so I'm extra excited for theirs. These two are beautiful, fun, and willing to do anything (like climb a tree!). Jana, I hope that you're okay with that last photo...I guess Ross did jump a bit higher each time but at least you look equally goofy:) Looking through these pictures, there are a lot of kissing ones, but I just like them all so much. Okay. Enjoy! Jana and Ross, looking forward to the big day!!

Family at Fort Langley

Gary got to hang out with this fun little family on Saturday. The wind was going full force at the beginning but it ended up being beautiful by the time they hit the beach. Haley (the little one) was loving the sand on the beach and in some of the pictures she is crying/screaming but it kind of comes across as happy looking:) I love the two girls in the top right picture...having two little ones of my own, I know how hard it is to get them to sit together, look at the camera, AND smile.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jana & Ross: Sneak Peek

Jana and Ross had their engagement session this weekend. I'll just include a couple of sneak peek pictures while I am working on the rest. Jana is a fan of fences and trees so here is a sample of each!

Amelia: One Month Old

I got to have a mini shoot with baby Amelia and she was just adorable. Usually it's best when they are less than a couple of weeks old but this little darling did just fabulously and fell asleep halfway through! Momma wasn't loving being in the pictures as it was a bit of a crazy day for her, so I'll have to get some more of the two of them some other time and maybe even get daddy in there too:) I have known Amelia's momma and daddy for about 4 years now and she is such a warm and beautiful woman. We have been praying for this little girl for a long time and we are so excited that she is finally here!
I love that black and white of mommy and baby kissing above.

I love all that hair as my kiddos were bald until they were one.

Welcome to the world, Amelia! You have been born into a home filled with love and laughter, and we are so excited to finally meet you.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Leanne's Family Photos

As I mentioned in the `Sneak Peek', Leanne won this photo session for her family. They chose Campbell Valley Park as many people have lately...everyone loves the field of long grass! The priority was a good family picture so hopefully there's one that everyone loves! Mom/Oma didn't want any building pictures (please, always tell me what you do and do not like!) but I did sneak one in with Tyler, the adorable 11 month old boy. His auntie Leanne is the beautiful girl on the right side of the first pictures. Thank you for entering the contest everyone and make sure you check back for here or on facebook for further contests or photo updates!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tyler: Sneak Peek

I had a contest for a free photo shoot on my facebook group and Leanne was the winner. I met with her beautiful and amusing family today and got some great shots (the weather was PERFECT!). While I'm working on the photos, here's just a picture of her nephew Tyler, isn't he adorable?!

Tractor Time

Friends of ours recently asked Gary to take a few shots of their family on their newly restored tractor. Here's a few....