Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kim & Steve | Wedding Day

Kim and Steve are an adventurous couple who met in the army. They've had a long distance relationship most of the time and will likely have to continue that way for the next little while. Their sense of adventure meant that they did such a super job not letting the elements get them down! It started off just cold and then...well, there was a whole lot of rain and wet snow. I loved the winter and patriotic colours they chose, the bridesmaids different dresses and the amount of laughter that filled the reception. Enjoy.

{The pearls below belonged to Kim's grandmother. Her cousin restrung them and made a pair of earrings out of them as well!}

{The girls, along with Kim's parents, were all getting ready in several hotel rooms.}

{The guys were all hanging out and getting ready at Steve's parents house.}

{Sweet nephew, Malakai, stopping to smell the rose(s). Steve is trying to figure out just what is going to happen in the ceremony.}

{We first went to Fort Langley for family photos. It started sprinkling and by the end, it was pouring!!}

{I like how the community hall is all festive (it's actually where they had their reception too!) Then, we went to White Rock. The weather there was a lot worse and we had to be a little creative using patio spaces in a short amount of time so no one froze:)}

{The wedding party went back to Fort Langley to hang out at a lounge for a bit and just warm up...}
{And then, it was reception time!}
{Instead of cake, there were a bunch of homemade goodies!}
{This next montage of pictures just shows you how much everyone was laughing throughout the night...}

{Congratulations Kim and Steve! I hope you had an amazing honeymoon (I wouldn't mind being in Mexico right now!) and all the best to you over the years to come. We had a great time capturing your big day. }


Lindsay said...

I love how the red pops with the black and white! I really like her bridesmaids dresses too. I think when I get married I might plan it for the Christmas season - less decorating! :)

Bethany said...

The picture of the little girl with the veil on is adorable!!

Megan said...

SO pretty Louise! I love the idea of a Christmas wedding!Love the shot of the wedding party by the fun!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. You did a super job capturing their day!

Mary said...

Congratulations:) What a beautiful wedding! I wish we could have been with you on your special day.

Anonymous said...

LOL on "less decorating" ... we spent about 30 hr decorating the hall!

Maria said...

I LOVE this photo of the Oma taking to photo.

Trudy DeVries said...

The best wedding photos that I have ever seen. Trudy