Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby Jasper | Family Photos

I have known Jeff and Christina for about 5 years as we attend the same church and care group. Christina and I each had two boys around the same time so that just means that we `get' each other and are having to learn a whole lot about boy stuff. Two weeks ago, they welcomed baby boy #3, Jasper, to their family! Here are some pictures that I took of the family, with big brothers Carter and Seth...

{Almost looks like a smile below:)}
{Family photo with everyone looking. We tried a few with everyone singing but that might not be the best strategy for normal facial I know!}
{Aren't they sweet?! Carter, on the right, is the youngest paleontologist that I know:) }

{Congratulations Jeff and Christina! We are so happy for you all and look forward to getting to know Jasper over the years to come.}


Lindsay said...

I'm so impressed with that picture of everyone looking. Even the baby!! He is way too cute. I love the pic of dad and his boys :)

Carol said...

Precious! Love the baby kissing ones!