Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Art & Wilma | 35 Years

So this family session is extra special because it is the family of my best friend, Lynette. Lynette is a very beautiful person, inside and out, and I'm so thankful to have her in my life. We met on the first day of grade eight and have had many wonderful adventures since then (like adventure racing and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro!). This session was to celebrate her parents 35th wedding anniversary and the goal was to get a family portrait. I would also like to take a second to point out that her brother, George, is a double lung transplant recipient (about 5 months ago) and he is doing so wonderfully! If you are not an organ donor, and live in BC, please click here, it just takes a second.
{Below are Kim and George. I think they were actually one of the first weddings that we ever did. You look wonderful George (well, you too Kim!).}
{Next up, Lynette and Bryan. Love you guys and I'm so glad you found each other...and I will take some credit for that:)}
{And the lovely couple, celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary! Their home is so welcoming. When I arrived at their home to take pictures, I went into the kitchen and there was the whole family sitting together eating. I have so many great memories of sitting around the table with this family.}

{We just went around the entire house taking pictures along the way...}

Congratulations Art and Wilma on your anniversary. I could say a million things here about your family but I will just say that I'm glad that you were part of my life growing up and because Lynette will be my friend forever, you're stuck with me!


kelly ens said...

Such a fantastic family. George really does look so great!!!
AND, I feel like Art & Wilma have not aged one bit. Wilma was one of my Calvinette leaders (my favorite one, actually!)
happy anniversary to them!
great photos, Louise :)

Maria & Kris Thompson said...

Awesome pictures. I love that they were all taken on their farm. George does look great, as does the rest of the family. Amazing!

Lindsay said...

My vote is the one in front of the tree to frame. I like how all the guys are holding onto their wives :) So glad that George is doing so well!!

Carol said...

What a wonderful setting at their very own homestead!