Sunday, November 14, 2010

Super Cuteness | Extended Family Photos

I'm warning you now that there is way too much cuteness in this post. This group of cousins is exceptionally adorable. Maybe it's because I know them. Maybe it's because they are so sweet to each other. Maybe it's because they have the cutest outfits ever. Maybe it's because I was there when the youngest one was born. I don't know. Extended family photos are always tough because if you really wanted to get candids and all the possible combinations, you would need three hours. Kids don't last for three hours. Usually dads don't either:) So, this is what we got from our time together. Enjoy...and comment!
{This first shot is actually just the second shot I took of them as a group, and it worked!}
{These first pictures are of Ali, the youngest sister's, family. Please note that her husband Joel, is the brother of Kyle, from the engagement session we just did. I particularly like the one of Joel a Ali kissing on the train:)}

{A few of mom and dad..there's some more of them later. Mom has a gorgeous smile.}
{Then, the oldest daughter, Kristen's family. They are also the family that used to be my daycare for my Kai Bear!}

{And next, middle sister, Laura's family!}

{After spending time at the train station, we went down by the river to get some fall-ish photos.}

{Another successful family shot!}

{Kristin, I did get a nice one of you and the girls sitting there but I thought the leaf on your head was cute:)}

{I had such a good time with you all and I wish we could've kept going! You have such a beautiful family, inside and out. Thank you!}


Lindsay said...

you're friend Ali is related to Laura Toews?!? Small world. Awesome pics - such a photogenic family!!

kelly ens said...

i may be a bit biased, knowing the family, but these are AWESOME shots. and yeah...they're all gorgeous with cute outfits!

Carol said...

How did you ever get that many people all looking in the same direction and looking good too?! Terrific family shoot!

Brides Maid Beautiful said...

Beautiful pictures! The kids are just way too cute!!

Laura said...

Great job Louise... it's no small feat with that many people and not as much time.

kyle and adrienne drost said...

Love the shots. Especially the one with mrs H and her daughters. Beautiful!