Monday, November 1, 2010

Ryan, Micah & Casey | Family Photos

Every time I have a session with high energy kids, I'm thankful that my two boys have given me a lot of practice. These boys (and parents!) did fabulously. This session was less about creative pictures and more about being creative to get good photos of them. It was just a mini session (sometimes half hour sessions are best to keep their attention and avoid meltdowns!) but I think there are a lot of great images. Enjoy!
{There was a lot of jumping out of trees and playing with sticks:)}

{Beautiful leaves. Perfect location. And below...I don't usually show so many of the same type of picture but I just love how throwing the leaves totally captures their personalities!}

{And a few of mom and dad together. I didn't even get to the end of my sentence of, `Would you like any kissing...' and they did. Cute.}
{Mom and dad are actually both teachers, just like Gary and I! Although, I guess I'm a non practicing teacher right now:)}
{The boys were happiest up in the tree and each boy needed a picture jumping out of it. Boys just like my own!}

{It was nice meeting you! I hope you had a great time exploring after I left. Boys, great job staying clean for that half hour:)}


kelly ens said...

fantastic. i LOVE the leaf pictures.

Megan said...

What handsome little men...there go those "blue" twinges again :)